Aura Kingdom Ayako’s Q&A


Is there anyone that you have a crush on?
Is there anyone you have feelings for?
  • Of course- Ayako loves her sister more than anyone in the world!
  • But Master is her second favorite! Don’t get any ideas, Master, thinking you can replace my sister!
  • I’ll never tell! It’s a secret!
  • Okay, I’d tell Master… But only if Master gives Ayako some food!


Do you like animals?
What's your favorite animal?
  • I’m a carnivore! All animals look tasty to me… Gretel looks like she’d make a good snack. Hey! Don’t give me that look! Ayako absolutely didn’t say Gretel looks tasty! Just that she’s good at preparing snack foods!
  • Yay! Ayako just loves calves! They’re the cutest! This one time, there was a calf that Hel ate. It looked so tasty.
  • Wait, why are you asking about this? You’re just making me hungry… Won’t you feed me something? Just a scrap?
  • Ayako likes to eat anything! Or everything! That’s why Ayako loves to watch Master sleep. Eh? What’s that? I didn’t say anything! Where are you going?


What do you do in your free time?
How do you like to kick back and relax?
  • Ayako can do many things… Cleaning ear hair, combing tail hair, other hair stuff, I dunno… Eating your face… So, Master doesn’t appreciate Ayako’s great talents and abilities?
  • Master clearly hasn’t seen Ayako’s magnificent ice sculptures! Does Master like to eat ice? Ayako loves it.
  • Ayako loves to go to inferno to play with Hel! But Hel is never there… Ayako waits and waits…and gets hungry…
  • Eh….Where’s Master? This was an interesting story! What the– Okay then, let’s talk about Master instead then. What does Master like to do? Tell Ayako!


What's your favorite color?
Any preferences about color?
  • Ayako likes red, yellow, pink, blue, black and white! Basically everything. What about Master? Master, won’t you please tell Ayako your favorite color?
  • Ayako likes tasty colors! White like bones, red like meat… Don’t look at me like that, Master! Ayako… Ayako is not drooling! Maybe a tiny bit.
  • Ayako likes lots of colors. But my favorite is the color of Master’s skin. Every time I look at Master… I want a bite…
  • Did I say something? Ayako likes the color of Master’s clothes. They look… rather tasty… Eh? What’s that? Hey, where are you going?


Do you like to travel?
What are your opinions on traveling?
  • Ayako loves it! Does Master want to take Ayako somewhere? Ayako wants to taste food from everywhere! Please, let’s go on a trip!
  • Ayako loves it so much! Because whenever I am with Master, I know there will be lots of food for Ayako. So much good food for Ayako! Ayako loves traveling with Master!
  • Ayako is happy to travel with Master! Does Master feel the same about Ayako?
  • As long as Ayako has food to eat, Ayako is happy.


Do you know anything about Shuriken?
I need some information about Shuriken...
  • Shuriken? Ayako knows! I know someone who plays with Shuriken.
  • I’ve heard they fight with the power of shadows! Master! Doesn’t that sound fascinating? I wonder what shadow meat tastes like… Can you bring me some?
  • Oh? Oh, you’re wondering about Shuriken, are you? Well, Ayako just happens to be an expert on the subject.
  • Let me see… It has something to do with Ninjutsu, right? And… you eat it?


What is the Viridian Steppe like?
Could you tell me about the Viridian Steppe?
  • Yes, yes. Ayako has been there once. When Hel was little, I got lost there… Ayako was so scared… but luckily, nothing happened.
  • The stargazing centaurs live there. Does Master like fortune-telling too? Perhaps I could try telling your fortune! Or, if Master knows fortune-telling, can you do it for me?
  • Ayako knows. There’s a huge grass field over there. It’s perfect for running and playing. Shall we go? Oh, please, let’s go play there!
  • My younger brother seems to know… Shall I ask Jormungand for you?


What is the Desolate Valley like?
What can you tell me about the Desolate Valley?
  • Well, the guardian of the Holy Sword lives there. Does Master want the Holy Sword? He could probably use it to cut up some nice, juicy meat for Fenrir.
  • Well, its a valley. It’s desolate. What more do you need to know? The name says it all. Don’t tell me you want to go there, of all places! Can’t we go somewhere nice?
  • Well, Ayako knows there’s good cuisine! Choice Barbecue Steak comes from there! Oh my gosh, so delicious. So hungry! Can we go eat it now? C’mon, let’s get steak!
  • Man, oh man. Desolate? I don’t even know what that word means. Why are you asking me? Do I look like a tour guide to you? I don’t know, okay!? Just feed me!


Could you tell me about the cabinet?
What is the cabinet?
  • Cabinet… that’s where humans put their clothes, isn’t it? If Ayako had a cabinet, it’d be to stock all her bones and food!
  • Er? It’s just a cabinet. You keep clothes in it. Can you stop with the weirdo questions? I wanna eat.
  • It’s a cabinet. Who cares? Can we eat soon please? Sob… I am so hungry!
  • I don’t know, okay!? Just feed me!


Do you know about house building and decorating?
Can you tell me anything about these houses I've been hearing so much about?
  • Did I say something? Well, uh, it’s your house. It’s Ayako’s house, too.
  • So make sure you stock it with lots of meat. Meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat. What is it?
  • Why, it’s a magical place where you can decorate freely. You can put pictures of meat all over! Meat rugs! Meat windows! Hey, Master… Do you think we could fill the bathtub in your house with meat? Uh… What kind of meat? Bloody, juicy, delicious MEAT!
  • It’s a… a beautiful place with a huge grass field outside! I really wanna roll on it…


Why did you come to Terra?
Why did you want to be with me?
  • Because there are a lot of fun places in Terra. And loads of delicious food, of course.
  • Plus, I like you! What about Master? Do you like me too?
  • Well, I just like to run around. And there’s so many nice places here to run and run and run! It’s perfect!
  • Hm… Master… I had a dream… I dreamed I saw a huge bone, and I wanted to eat it! I woke up… and the first thing I saw… was you, Master! So, I knew it was meant to be.


Do you know much about Gram?
Can you tell me anything about Gram?
  • Gram? I didn’t know Master knew about Gram! Gram was my present to Hel… I was afraid that Hel would be lonely, so I send her Gram to keep her company!
  • Gram is a servant I sent to serve Hel. When Hel was small, Gram was already there with her… They are a good match. Don’t you think?
  • Hel told Gram he was her brother…but he was just a servant… I shouldn’t spread that around. I hope Hel’s not listening! Um, forget I said anything! If anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from me.
  • Gram’s the best! Ayako loves to play with Gram! When we were little, Every time I saw Hel, we always played knights! We rode on Gram. Everyone was scared of us! It was super fun!


I dunno! I heard Hel had three brothers. Maybe one of them is Gram?
What's your gender?
  • Hel is so cute, don’t you think?
  • Three? Hel only has two brothers, right? Oh… You are talking about Gram…
  • Yes? Do you want to be like me? But Hel is my sister… I won’t give her to you…
  • What gender? Ayako has no gender. Ayako is Ayako… But Hel is my sister… my lil’ sister.


What are your weaknesses?
Is there anything you aren't good at?
  • Ayako has no weakness! Oh? Food, I guess that’s my weakness. There’s never enough of it.
  • Ayako has no weakness! Ayako is the best! Your face… Hahaha, what a burn! C’mon, whatcha gonna do about it, ya sissy. Fight me? You know I’ll win!
  • I ought to clean up this room… I always trip over this stupid rag! Darn! Hey, don’t give me that look. It was the rag!
  • My biggest fear is that Hel gets angry… The last time she was angry… she didn’t talk to me for a long time… You really need to be careful not to irritate Hel… She’s got a temper.


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolon?
So... Any juicy Eidolon gossip?
  • You know the Bringer of Light? No? In that case, Ayako doesn’t know either! Who’s that mean guy who makes Hel sad? I just want to punch him in the face!
  • Alucard? Oh wait! No! You must mean Grandpa Vayu! Yeah, of course I know who he is. He just seems to be looking for someone, But don’t ask me who! He’s pretty old already.
  • Gretel? Gretel is a sweet little sheep. I wonder if she tastes like mutton… hmm… Hey, don’t look at me like that! I’m not actually going to eat her! Well, maybe just a nibble, for science?
  • Ol’ Man Vayu really looks like Gram… Master! If I gave Old Vayu to Hel as a gift, Do you think she’d appreciate it?


Uh, is that a real lock on your neck?
What's the deal with that?
  • Oh… Well, basically, long story short, it was a trade. If I wear it, I get to eat a ton of good food… I didn’t want to put it on, but… Hey! Don’t give me that disapproving look! Let’s see what you would do if I promised you some nice, hot food. Or maybe some chocolate? Yeah, that’s what I thought!
  • Yeah, I don’t really know. This dude said he likes Ayako, so he gave Ayako this as a gift… I can’t really say ‘no’ to free stuff… Even if it wasn’t the most useful present.
  • Look, uh. It’s kind of a sore topic, alright? Let’s not talk about it. It just makes me sad, and hungry.
  • Lock? Oh, you mean my chain. It’s super strong. I used to be upset about it. But I’m pretty used to it now. Plus, it helps me control my appetite a bit.


Do you have any siblings?
Tell me about your family.
  • Oh, you mean my sister Hel, right? Yeah, she’s cute and all. It’s a shame she has absolutely NO sense of direction.
  • I have a younger sister, a younger brother… and my father… Or maybe you wanted to ask about my mother? Sob… My mom is not around anymore… I miss her so much…
  • Hel looks a lot like my mom, but my brother takes after my dad… When I was little, we used to play hide-and-seek with Gram. Jormungand would always find me… And then I had to always clean up the messes we made… Sob… That used to make Ayako so miserable!
  • I know Hel said she wanted a younger brother… But Ayako is happy to only have a little sister… I don’t want a brother!


Who could we match up with Hel?
Let's find Hel a mate!
  • Hm… I dunno… Jormungand is very smart… He always finds me, wherever I hide… Maybe I shouldn’t hide under the table…
  • My younger brother says we can only choose someone who can beat me in a fight… …So I guess not you, then. Haha! To be fair, not too many people can beat me. But why do you ask — does Master want to marry Hel?
  • I’m sure that Father has set lots of conditions too… Like…social status… family background… personality… Man, oh man. He’s not an easy guy to please, my dear ol’ dad.
  • Oh man, You wanna marry Hel? Ha! Just wait till I tell her! She’s gonna die laughing! What a dork you are sometimes, Master.


Do you always eat so much?
Why are you always hungry?
  • What? Does Ayako eat a lot? I never thought so. I eat when I’m hungry, that’s all. Is that a lot? Why do you look upset? Did you just fall?
  • Ayako wants to eat food from all over the world! That’s why I like being with Master! We’re always traveling!
  • Ayako is hungry… Master… Is there any food left?
  • I’m obsessed with food… I even dream about it. And no one wants to sleep near me anymore… Why? They said I would bite them. But I wouldn’t!


Have you thought about how your life will be after we've parted ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • I don’t want to talk about it. Thinking about that depresses me.
  • I guess Ayako…will return to the wild… Or maybe… I’ll just have to kill and eat Master? No! Only kidding, Master! I’d never do that, honest!
  • Eh? What’s that? Master, where are you going! Well… I’ll probably go find Hel first, and wait for Master…
  • Don’t you worry. Ayako will be always by your side!

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