Aura Kingdom Alice’s Q&A


What is justice?
Tell me about what justice means to you.
  • Justice… is simply defeating all evil people enough? Heehee! But then… how do you differentiate good and evil people? Um… A real mind teaser, eh?
  • Haha! But our little Alice is a hero. Don’t you know, you are the bringer of justice! Me? I am justice? Am I the incarnation of justice?!
  • Justice! It’s doing whatever you think is right, isn’t it? Heehee! There’s no simple answer… Why, what do you think? Is Alice right to say that?
  • Justice… what is it, actually? Defeating bad guys, I guess? But how do we know who the bad guys are?


Do you like animals?
What's your favorite animal?
  • Rabbits, cats, mice, oh and also Ches! Haha! Meow! Do I count as a cat?
  • Don’t you know that Master does not like animals? Does Ches not like them either? People really break my heart…
  • Oh, in that case… What about soldiers, do you consider them as animals? Ha! Soldiers? Filthy, disgusting swine… I much prefer the company of animals.
  • Ches is the world’s cutest cat! Heehee! Someone said I look evil! That’s meant as a compliment, right?


What do you usually do during holidays?
What do you do in your spare time?
  • Sometimes I like to go for a nice picnic with Hansel and Gretel… Gretel always brings along lots of sweet pastries, like gingerbread! Hahaha! Hansel, on the other hand, never contributes anything… He’s always leaving trails of food made of whatever he planned to bring! Hansel’s contribution is, he eats all the food Gretel brings. That’s not what I’d call a contribution…
  • I will… host a tea party for all of you! With snacks and drinks… Heehee! And we can discuss relationships and love!
  • Did someone say food? Will there be a tea party today? I can’t wait! Alice has quite an appetite! Hey, shut your mouth! Don’t spout nonsense, Ches! I didn’t!
  • It’s the plain truth! I’m just thinking about cats. So fuzzy! I’m thinking about how I can get stronger by practicing with you!


How should I take on powerful enemies?
The strategy when facing a powerful enemy.
  • Is there anyone Master can’t defeat? Ches is looking at you… hohoho! Heehee! I’ve always thought that Master must be invincible!
  • Huh? Oh yes… what can be done? Heehee! While Alice was busy thinking, Master must have already dealt with the enemy! Wow! Master is so powerful!
  • As long as Ches and I stick with Master, there’s no enemy that would beat us! Heehee! You are saying that as if there was ever a chance of betrayal… That’s… That’s not true! Stoppit, Ches!
  • Get ready, now give the power to Ches! But… Master should have better weapons! Have some self-confidence, and you can do it!


Is there anyone you adore?
Who are your idols?
  • Well, Amaterasu is always bright and shining… with a shimmering, goddess-like air… Heehee! She looks the same age as Alice, but with so much more class! Yes! I will continue to strive!
  • Sister Astraea is so powerful and beautiful… She’s my idol! Hooyah! Will Alice ever become classy like her? Um… Uh, about that… No, I don’t think so…
  • Hoooey! My idol is the Master of the Southern Star! Because the Master of the Southern Star is very strong? Well, I feel that Ches is very strong too! Hawhawhaw! I mean, someone with short arms and legs could actually teach Vermilion some martial arts… That’s amazing!
  • I saw Brother Uriel practicing before. He’s so handsome! But… What kinda angel has black wings? Shouldn’t they be white? Yes, but black suits Brother Uriel. Alice wants a pair of wings too.


Do you know about the holy sword incident?
Tell me about the holy sword...
  • Holy sword.. What is it? Never heard of it! Hurrhurr! There seems to be no such item in Wonderland. No wonder Alice doesn’t know it! Hoohoo! Is it some treasure from Terra?
  • Is it a weapon? Who’s stronger, you or Ches? Hardy har har! Apples and oranges, my friend. Apples and oranges. How to compare? It can’t be done! You’re just afraid to lose, aren’t you?
  • Um… we need a neutral judge. Maybe Hansel? Let’s go, Ches. Let’s go and ask Hansel! Hurphurp! Do you really love this little wolf? That’s… That’s not true!… I don’t want to talk about it…
  • I heard that from Brother Bealdor! It is a sword in Terra that contains the Power of Gaia… Heehee! Some say that the sword was created by the Cube of Gaia. Then what is Brother Bealdor’s sword made of?


Tell me about Principia.
What's Principia like?
  • What’s that? Heehohooha! Principia? Well, all’s I know is, if you want to get there, you’ll need to take an airship. Wow! Take me with you! Please… I want to come!
  • Alice heard about that before! Apparently there is an emerald sea… Heh heh! Alice is talking about the Viridian Steppe! That’s not even a real sea. Huh? It isn’t?
  • Principia? Is that a medical condition? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Heehee! Alice is racking her brain again…
  • I think Hansel mentioned that once… But I’d hardly call myself an expert on the subject.


What is the Viridian Steppe like?
Could you tell me about the Viridian Steppe?
  • Viridian… Steppe? Where is that? Hurdelly gurdelly! Alice can’t recall anything! I think it’s somewhere out in the continent of Principia. Oh, oh! That’s right! I just remembered!
  • Teehee! It’s a grassland located on the western continent! Wow… Ches is smart! I thought it was a sea…
  • I heard that there’s a special race that lives there… They look like Brother Cyril… Haha! You mean the centaur race. They are experts in astrology! That’s cool… Alice wants to make friends with the centaurs!
  • Er, geography’s not really my strong point. Next question!


Could you tell me about the holy chest?
What is the holy chest?
  • Is it, like, a big wardrobe? Can I put clothes in it? Heehee! No, you can’t! It’s where you can upgrade your weapons! Then I can put Ches in the chest!
  • Yes, I know. It’s a magical chest, and you can only put golden weapons into it! Oh yeah? What happens after something is put in? Hmm… Good question… I don’t know, should I ask Hansel again?
  • Hahaha! Alice can’t to use this thing! Huh? Why? I want to try it out too… Haha, oh you! Only selected Envoys of Gaia can use it! Hmm… Just you wait, I’ll get the best item!
  • Whoa. You can put in gold-quality weapons and enhance them! I’m not too sure how it works. But it seems to hold a strange power! Heehee! Master will have to fight on to become stronger!


Do you know anything about archaeology?
Could you tell me anything about it?
  • Does Master want to go excavate artifacts? Alice wants to do that too! Haha! Alice is so clumsy, she would destroy all the artifacts… Hmm. My strength… it’s just so hard to control…
  • I heard that archaeologists discovered the remains of the first ever mount ever ridden. Amazing! Does Alice really know what archaeology entails? Good question! What does it entail? Does Ches know? Does Master?
  • Archaeology… well, first, you have to have a plan! And then… you dig! Dig, dig, dig! That’s pretty much it. That’s archaeology! You dig? Haha! Alice doesn’t know at all…
  • I heard recently about some people who formed an exploration team… But Alice isn’t very sure about the details… Sorry…


Why did you come to Terra?
Why did you want to be with me?
  • Because of Master’s handsome Fa– hey! Ouch! Who hit me? Heehee! What Alice meant is that it’s because she likes Master’s personality. Ah? But what was Ches saying just before?
  • Ches told me about all the monsters in Terra, which do not exist in Wonderland… So I came here to practice my combat skills! Heehee! That’s right… It has nothing to do with you, Master.
  • Ches said the Power of Gaia was strong within you. That’s why I’m here! Huh? Why do you ask? Of course I’m here for that. Hohoho! Heehee! Master’s power is also well-known in Wonderland!
  • Erm… Ches says the Hearts could come back at any time. I must be strong enough to face them! Heehee! If Master could help us, that would be good…


I've heard you come from Wonderland.
Do you come from Wonderland?
  • Hoohoo! Alice is the real hero of Wonderland! Heehee! That Hearts woman really did a number on the place… And we don’t know when she’ll be back! Haha! Yes… I have to be stronger, so she doesn’t come back and bully Ches!
  • Heehee! Some people don’t believe in Wonderland. They say it’s fake… But I assure you, it’s not! That’s right! Endora wants to visit Wonderland on her journey through the dreamlands… Grandpa Alucard said it best: “Realer than a dream, stranger than reality.” Heehee! He’s pretty deep…
  • Hahaha! We all come from this magical land! It’s amazing… so magical! If you have time, you can come and visit!
  • Heehee! Don’t think that just because Alice is petite, she can’t be the hero of Wonderland! Hoohoo! No… If there was no Ches, I’d have no idea how to get by!


Who is the Queen of Hearts?
The Queen of Hearts?
  • She’s a bad, naughty, evil queen! Before Alice… Heehee! The old queen of Wonderland… She’s a cruel person… But Ches is not afraid! If we have Master fighting with us when she returns, there’s no way we can lose!
  • Ahem! Master should really know this! The Queen of Hearts is… Um… Heehee! She’s the former queen of Wonderland… She’s a cruel one…
  • The queen of Wonderland! Until she lost her crown, that is! Heehee! I don’t know whether she’ll return…
  • Heehohooha! I really don’t wish to recall the incident… Ches… Master is just asking out of curiosity!


Please introduce yourself.
Could you introduce yourself?
  • I am… Alice! Heehee! I’m the Cheshire Cat, Alice’s favorite pet!
  • I come from Wonderland! Alice is the name. This is Ches. He’s my best friend, as well as my cannon… So, now’s it’s Master’s turn! Master, please introduce yourself too!
  • Doesn’t Master already know? Don’t tell me… You thought Alice was Endora? How sad… Heehee! Is it her pretty golden hair? Who can say…
  • I am… Alice the Tea Queen. The Baroness of Brew. Hoohoo! Do I look like Grandpa Alucard? Heehee! Not in the slightest! What’s a Tea Queen, anyway? Like Earl Grey?


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolon?
Any juicy Eidolon Gossip?
  • Heehee! Alice is secretly in love with Hansel! No way! I don’t tell lies! We’re just friends… Heehee! And Alice doesn’t even know!
  • Brother Ghodroon’s lava… It turns to gold when it drips! Heehee! That’ll probably entice you humans… You humans sure do love money. Money is power, right? Hmm, now I want some of that lava too! I need more power!
  • Sister Astraea is always talking about Aelius, Serena, and Cesela. And Hansel never shuts up about Gretel… Even ol’ Granny Amaterasu is always nattering on about Sister Kusanagi! But Alice… Apart from Ches, there’s no one else who talks to Master…
  • Ol’ Gramps Alucard rarely gets angry, but this one time, he was quarreling with Sister Diao Chan! Probably it was because Diao Chan is always spreading rumors about him… Hoohoo! Luckily, Alice is obedient, so I never make anyone angry! Heehee! Alucard does not seem to like angels…


Tell me about your weapon.
What kinda cannon is that?
  • It’s Ches! Ches is always like this – he lends me the power I need. and he’s verrrrry capable! Heehee! But I still sometimes need to ask Alice to be a bit gentler…
  • A cannon can help control attack power! That’s what Ches says to me, anyway…Woohoo!
  • Heehee! Talking about me, are you? A cannon with high-powered cartridge output and a large caliber… Ha! You must be envious! But you should know, only Alice can use this power!
  • What’s Ches’ full name? Heehee! It’s Chester! Right! Ches’s super destructive cannon!


Who are all these people at the tea party?
Who are the tea party invites?
  • Ches and I… plus various rabbits, cats and mice are coming too! If Master is interested… You could also join us at the tea party!
  • Look, here are the tea party invites! If you are interested, you can also be an invitee! Heehee! Most of the snacks were made by Gretel! Hoohoo! Gretel’s snacks are delish!
  • Yum yum! Perhaps Master could join us too! I’m also thinking of inviting Hansel… He’s probably too busy to make it, of course… Heehee! Alice forgot about Gretel, as usual.
  • Oh yes… Lots of people… But who are they all… Heehee! Alice isn’t very attentive when it comes to taking attendance! That’s… That’s not true… Just takes me a while to think…


Did you already know the Gruesome Twosome?
Are Hansel and Gretel your friends?
  • Alice has already known them for a very long time… Heehee! I heard that they even knew each other before coming to Wonderland… Hoho! We are best friends!
  • Of course, we are friends… Master… Don’t you have any friends?
  • I’ve known them for a long time, but I can’t recall when we first met. I can’t remember… I think it was even before I met Ches.
  • Hohoho! Does Master know them too?


Tell me, what in your life needs to be protected?
What are the reasons you always strive to become stronger?
  • Alice has someone whom she needs to protect! Heehee! Is it Hansel, that little wolf? Shut your mouth! Stop spreading lies. Don’t spout nonsense, Ches!
  • If I don’t become stronger… I’ll probably lose control of this loon, Ches, for starters. Heehee! Oh, you… History shall repeat itself!
  • Does Master have someone to protect too? Grandpa Alucard once told Alice that one has to become stronger in order to protect others! Apparently Grandpa Alucard is a great protector… Heehee! Alice’s always has a different perspective on things than us normal folks…
  • If we were as big and tough as Master, so strong and brave, then we could protect everyone!


Have you thought about how your life will be after we've parted ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • Part ways? What, after Master uses the Power of Gaia? Heehee! But we’ll never leave Master! We’re coming with you, Master!
  • I’ve never thought about it once! What are you talking about? Why would you ask me a question like that? Don’t you like me? Hmph. In that case, I don’t like you either. Leave me alone! Heehee! Master really likes to spout nonsense!
  • Huh? Must Master always bring along Alice wherever Master goes? Heehee! If there are things that you can’t tell me, I understand. Blink once if there are things you can’t tell me? Wow, so there actually are things that you can’t tell me!
  • Don’t you worry, Master! Ches and I will always be with you…

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