Aura Kingdom Abraxas’ Q&A


What is a brave warrior to you?
What kind of person makes brave warrior?
  • Do you even need to ask? Just look at me! I’m the mightiest Eidolon of them all!
  • A true warrior does not allow fear or harm or death to prevent them from carrying out their duty. We fight not for ourselves, but for a greater whole which depends on each doing their part.
  • Are you blind? I am bravery incarnate! Ha! You should really get your eyes checked out.
  • There is no need for you to discreetly praise me like this. I am clever enough to know precisely what you mean. Others… are not. If you wish to praise others, it would be better to do so directly.


Do you like animals?
What do you think of animals?
  • Animals, you say? They do not tend to cross my mind often. They are living beings, as you are – man and animal should assist each other’s survival.
  • If I were to select a ‘favorite’ animal, it might be the mountain ram. Upon bare rocks he loses not his footing, and his charge lays low his enemy.
  • There are not many animals I have a special like for, but there are many I hold in disdain, such as rats. Scavengers of food, spreaders of disease… Have they any noble purpose in this world?
  • I don’t mind rabbits, especially when they’re roasted. Rabbit fur is also quite warm and comfortable. It is a pity that they are so small. I would need to eat several rabbits in one sitting to feel full.


Are you an effective liar?
How good are you at deception?
  • Do I look like a liar to you? I took to the battlefield in such an era where a warrior’s word was his bond, and I live by that principle still. Truly, you wound me, imagining me some spinner of falsities!
  • Do I look like the type who has lies to tell? You…appear skeptical still, I see. Events are remembered by individuals, and it is possible for individuals to have their own truths that sometimes contradict. Such is the way of memory.
  • I sense no ill intent from you, so I will answer you in a civil manner. I do not lie. Telling untruths profits me nothing. The currencies I value – honor, virtue, temperance – are not honed by a liar’s tongue.
  • I am no deceiver, I assure you. I may not remember things with perfect clarity, but I do not intentionally omit details. If someone corrects me, and they have proof of what they say, I will accept them.


What would you do if you encountered a very powerful enemy?
How do you deal with a powerful enemy?
  • I have retreated, but never been defeated. The key is to try many types of assault. See what the enemy can deal with – and what they cannot.
  • How dare you compare me to regular people! I’m the strongest Eidolon of them all, for god’s sake! Compared to me, everyone else is weak!
  • I deal with powerful foes the same way I deal with all foes: the martial skills I have honed over eons. Technology may change with the times, but the principles that win fights generally do not.
  • Oh? Are you worried we shall cross paths with an unbeatable foe? No enemy shall overcome me. You may be at ease in my presence, for the greatest foe is not without, but within.


What are your weaknesses?
Do you have any weaknesses?
  • Assuming for a moment I had secret vulnerabilities, what warrior in their right mind would tell of their own weaknesses? I have nothing you would think of as a vulnerability.
  • Weakness? I was…perhaps vulnerable once, strong but imperfect. This armor is a testament to that, and it offers up no weakness.
  • Does the question burn so deeply within you? Some would say my cup is all too full of pride, and that such is my weakness. But I assure you, I make no declarations my skills cannot support.
  • Very well, come closer, and I shall tell you of my one weakness. My weakness is… … Yes, just as I said. What’s that? You didn’t hear me? Well, I did say to come closer, didn’t I?


What's special about Vulture's Vale?
What can you tell me about Vulture's Vale?
  • Vulture’s Vale? The name sounds familiar… Hmm, let me think…
  • Vulture’s Vale? Apparently it’s the site of a huge battle. As mightiest of the Eidolons, I’m not gonna miss that party!
  • The scenery in Vulture’s Vale is amazing – the magnificent wilderness and waterfalls there are just breathtaking. If I had to pick one spot to be a battleground… Vulture’s Vale would be my choice!
  • Vulture’s Vale is in the northern part of the continent. If you want to go there with your current skill level… I’m afraid I’ll have to go along to protect you.


What's the Aura Kingdom like?
What can you tell me about the Aura Kingdom?
  • Hmm? I never thought you’d be interested in that sort of place. It’s very peaceful and quiet there – to me, it’s the definition of “boring”…
  • The Aura Kingdom? I’ve heard it’s full of skilled warriors! Still, they’re no match for me!
  • The Aura Kingdom… I sure do miss living there…
  • Hmm… I suppose I can tell you about the Aura Kingdom… That is, if you really want to know… The Aura Kingdom is a place of beauty and light. I’ll never understand why humans are so curious about the Aura Kingdom…


I'd like to know about the Holy Chest.
Tell me what you know about the Holy Chest.
  • Think of the Holy Chest as a big container for your gold-quality weapons. And putting a gold-quality weapon with a high enough fortification level in the Holy Chest makes it even more powerful!
  • Hmm? Holy Chest? Ah, you’re asking the right person! First, try fortifying one of your gold-quality weapons. When it’s ready, put it in the Holy Chest and see what happens!
  • But only a few chosen Envoys of Gaia are strong enough to handle the Holy Chest and its enormous power. I think you’ll handle the Holy Chest just fine, as long as you have me by your side.
  • Holy Chest? I’m fine without that sort of thing. But I’m sure it will be a big help to you.


I'd like to know about Masteries.
Tell me about Masteries.
  • Masteries? Ha – I’m masterful at everything! I’ll show you a thing or two sometime.
  • There are a number of Class Masters in Navea. If you ever feel like your fighting skills could use a boost, go talk to them.
  • Choose Masteries that will help you develop your skills to their utmost. They’ll play an even more important role when you start visiting Dungeons.
  • Masteries not only add new effects to your skills, they also boost your stats. Collect as many Masteries as you can on your adventures!


I'd like to know about the Login Reward System.
What's special about Login Rewards?
  • Login Reward System? Sounds like it’s designed just for me! The Login Reward System gives you an incentive to meet up with me more often!
  • You’ll be rewarded handsomely for logging in daily. It’s a really easy way to get rewards… Don’t say I didn’t tell you!
  • Login Rewards? What’s that?
  • Well, the Login Reward System has lots of benefits. I’ll tell you about it. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for logging in daily. Not only can you get free items from the Item Mall, you may even get extra Dragon Points!


I hear that you're invincible. Is this true?
I hear that nothing can harm you. Is this true?
  • Of course it’s true. No weapon can hurt me! Don’t believe me? Then hit me with your best shot!
  • Of course it’s true! I’ll bet you wish you were as impervious. To be invincible, you must first look invincible – and in that I cut a fine figure. You, on the other hand… perhaps, if you train hard for the next 100 years, you too can be untouchable…
  • It is impossible for someone to be impeccably handsome, undeniably strong, AND possess a charming character! But if anyone WERE to have those traits in equal measure, surely I would be a top contender.
  • I am confused as to why you would ask such a question. Surely you’ve noticed my lack of injuries… It breaks my heart that you have failed to notice the splendor of my battles!


Have you ever been defeated?
I've heard that you've never been defeated.
  • You are joking, right? I am Abraxas, unconquerable under heaven. The being has not been born that can subdue my proud spirit.
  • The rumor of my flawless record is absolutely true! Spirits fall before my might, and humans ten times so.
  • Are you actually questioning my ability? Though I have contemplated lessons I might learn from defeat, I have not actually been bested in combat.
  • Is the answer not obvioius? Have you not heard the stories? I return from battle after battle, bearing nary even a scratch.


Your armor looks so cool!
You have amazing armor.
  • Haha, I know! How could someone so handsome cover his flawless beauty with armor? I could never have borne it, except by commissioning a suit of armor so stylish, even my fellows in the Aura Kingdom were jealous.
  • I see even humans are capable of fine taste! This armor was crafted in the aether-forges of the Aura Kingdom. Its cost cannot be fathomed – a king’s treasury would scarcely buy a finger-plating.
  • This armor is not just for looks, you know. It’s light and exceedingly durable. It is armor meant to be lived in.
  • Oh? Do you want to look just like me? Sadly, I cannot help you – this armor was a custom-fitted gift of great worth. Hopefully you will one day find raiment as fitting for yourself.


What weapons are you best with?
What are your favorite weapons?
  • A prudent question, but unnecessary. All the weapons and devices of man are known to me, and many wholly unknown to man. Watch, and learn.
  • I have trained extensively in all manner of weaponry. As long as there is war, there will be weapons, and as long as there are weapons, I will master them and turn them against evil.
  • I have knowledge of weapons that are, that have been, and even weapons that have yet to be.
  • I excel at using all weapons. However, one’s body is the perfect, original weapon, and so it is with my body that I subdue my foes.


What do you know about some of the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about one of the other Eidolons!
  • The mysterious messenger Nalani can communicate not only with animals, but with plants. I wonder what manner of things plants have to say…
  • Zaahir radiates a heat like the earth’s very mantle! So intense is it that even I would not venture too near him unbidden. I would not be surprised if the sensation of coldness is unknown to him.
  • Between you and me, I suspect that Tsubaki may not be a woman. She always looks at me with such disdain, such…disinterest. No swoons, no sighs…how else does one explain such strange behavior?
  • I am afraid I cannot give a good answer. Gossip is sometimes seen as…less than noble, among the spirits. Though if you seek an angel with great knowledge of hidden secrets, I can recommend Uzuriel.


You have an amazing kick!
Where did you learn to kick like that?
  • Thank you for noticing! I’ve spent my entire life perfecting my kick – it’s as basic a bodily function as breathing now.
  • Of course you would think so! You pursued my aid and secured it, and I am not one to disappoint.
  • I humbly and honorably accept your compliment – flattery though it may be.
  • There is more about me fit to amaze than simply my kicks. My intelligence and stunning good looks are a killer pair, if I say so myself.


Are you able to sit down?
What do you need to do to sit?
  • Why is it that you persist in knowing only insignificant details about me? Just focus on the big picture, like how majestic I look as I strike down mighty foes.
  • That is possibly the most unusual question you’ve asked me yet. When there is reason to sit, I sit. When I wish to stand, I stand. Why is this important to you? You’re quite the strange one…
  • You must have the impression that my armor restricts some motions. It is not so, however, because within the armor my soul has no fleshly form. Standing does not make me tired, and I am more prepared for battle that way – thus, I stand.
  • Why fret over such a trivial thing? Look at me! Such a lithe form, such a radiant presence! When one can stand tall, they ought to stand and shake the heavens.


What do you look like under all that armor?
I wonder what you look like underneath the armor...
  • I’m fairly certain that you wouldn’t be able to handle such perfect beauty, so I thoughtfully spare you such emotional turmoil. Really, though…before I took up this armor, I was widely considered irresistably handsome. I wish I could show you…
  • The closer you look, the less you’ll see. Where once I clothed myself in beauty, now I wear the raiment of mystery.
  • In a great battle, long ago, I was grievously injured, to the brink of death. My body could not be saved, but my eternal soul became the heart of this armor. I was glad to live, but sad it came at the cost of my former beauty…
  • I have heard among humans that “familiarity breeds contempt”. If would be a shame if you were to tire of me because all the mystery was gone, wouldn’t it?


How are you able to float like that?
What makes you able to fly?
  • Well, it’s really nothing. I’m the strongest Eidolon of them all!
  • Oh? Do you wish to fly? I was born with this ability, but you… Perhaps it would be better if you contented yourself with a good sprint.
  • It is quite splendid, to hover or soar in the sky. There’s really nothing to it. Perhaps one day, your spirit will travel to the Aura Kingdom, and you can fly as well.
  • I shan’t bore you with the details. But did you expect someone from the Aura Kingdom to be bound to the earth?


If you and I were separated...
What would happen to you if we ever parted ways?
  • I would return to the Aura Kingdom, most likely. There is never a shortage of evil that must be vanquished.
  • Are you thinking of leaving me? Surely you jest! Who else could you spend time with who’s as witty, intelligent, or dashing? Is this what the cold pang of rejection feels like?
  • You’re thinking much too far ahead. Life is meant to be lived in the present. Let us continue on and see what new challengies lie in store.
  • You need not worry about my welfare. Before I met you, I fought alone, and I suppose I can return to being a solitary soldier.

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