Aura Kingdom Ancient Eidolon Fragments Guide

Aura Kingdom Ancient Eidolon Fragments Guide will give you a basic idea of how you can obtain Ancient Eidolon Fragments. Moreover, how you can use them to, for example obtain more Eidolons!



Players used to receive Ancient Eidolon Fragments as a part of rewards by completing Daily Quests and Mirabelle’s Bulletin Board (will be referred to Fame Quests in the rest of this guide) Quests. However, this is no longer the case!



How to obtain

Nowadays, you will have to exchange Ancient Eidolon Fragments with Tokens, which is earned by doing Daily Quests and Fame Quests. In other words, it is still the same, there has just been an extra procedure.

All repeatable general quests are shown on Map with a blue exclamation mark (map015). Upon each quest completion, you are rewarded a small amount of Tokens.

tokens reward from quest


You can check how many Tokens you have earned by opening up the Currencies window inside your Inventory.

check token amount


After you have earned enough Tokens, it is time to exchange them for Ancient Eidolon Fragments. You can exchange Tokens with any Class Master in Navea.

class masters location


Each fragment costs 10 Tokens.

exchange ancient eidolon fragments




There are two ways you can put these Ancient Eidolon Fragments in use.



You can refine various items and potions with Ancient Eidolon Fragments, along with other specific items.



You are able to fuse 30 Ancient Eidolon Fragments and a certain Eidolon’s Soul Box into that Eidolon’s Key Fragments.


There are five different Soul Boxes, each one is used respectively for the specific Key Fragment when you are fusing. All Soul Boxes are sold by the following NPCs:


After you have purchased a Soul Box, right click on it to open up the Fusion window. Make sure that you have at least 30 Ancient Eidolon Fragments in your backpack, and all that is left is to just press the “Fuse” button!

soul box fusion



A video guide, on fusing Bel-Chandra’s Key Fragments in this case, is also available on YouTube!


Considering the worst scenario, you will have to gather 3000 Tokens, for 300 Ancient Eidolon Fragments, in order to obtain a new Eidolon. Hopefully that is not the case!

And that brings us to an end. Time to grind them Tokens!

Good luck, Envoys!


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yes there is eidolon fragments I just bought like 80 pieces


We can no longer obtain Ancient Eidolon Fragments. 🙁