Aura Kingdom Original Sound Track

(Last updated on 2017-01-17)

Aura Kingdom Original Sound Track. Sound of Aura Kingdom. Each one is played while players are within the town/village area. prefer02



Navea (150 downloads)



Port Skandia

Port Skandia (136 downloads)



Port Skandia Village (3 downloads)



Helonia Coast

Helonia Coast (147 downloads)



Helonia Coast Village (4 downloads)



Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill (132 downloads)



Crescent Hill Village (4 downloads)



Cactakara Forest

Cactakara Forest (90 downloads)



Cactakara Forest Village (1 download)



Demarech Mines

Demarech Mines (99 downloads)



Demarech Mines Village (1 download)



Triatio Highlands

Triatio Highlands (97 downloads)



Triatio Highlands Village (2 downloads)



Candeo Marsh

Candeo Marsh (139 downloads)



Candeo Marsh Village (1 download)



Ventos Prairie

Ventos Prairie (108 downloads)



Ventos Prairie Village (4 downloads)



Oblitus Wood

Oblitus Wood (136 downloads)



Oblitus Wood Village (2 downloads)



Star Sand Desert

Star Sand Desert (106 downloads)



Star Sand Desert Village (2 downloads)



Vulture’s Vale

Vulture's Vale (158 downloads)



Blizzard Berg

Blizzard Berg (142 downloads)



Rainmist Reach

Rainmist Reach (118 downloads)



Emerald Marsh

Emerald Marsh (127 downloads)



Starstruck Plateau

Starstruck Plateau (185 downloads)



Silent Ice Field

Silent Ice Field (133 downloads)



Port Morton

Port Morton (2 downloads)



Port Morton Village (1 download)



Candetonn Hill

Candetonn Hill (1 download)



Candetonn Hill Village (1 download)



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