Aura Kingdom Original Sound Track Pt. 1

Aura Kingdom Original Sound Track Part 1. Beautiful sound of Aura Kingdom. prefer02Part 2Part 3Part 4



Navea V. 1 (410 downloads)


Navea V. 2 (103 downloads)



Port Skandia

Port Skandia (316 downloads)


Port Skandia Village (143 downloads)



Helonia Coast

Helonia Coast (286 downloads)


Helonia Coast Village (164 downloads)



Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill (294 downloads)


Crescent Hill Village (197 downloads)



Cactakara Forest

Cactakara Forest (242 downloads)


Cactakara Forest Village (134 downloads)



Demarech Mines

Demarech Mines (246 downloads)


Demarech Mines Village (136 downloads)



Triatio Highlands

Triatio Highlands (240 downloads)


Triatio Highlands Village (164 downloads)



Candeo Marsh

Candeo Marsh (280 downloads)


Candeo Marsh Village (165 downloads)



Ventos Prairie

Ventos Prairie (238 downloads)


Ventos Prairie Village (141 downloads)



Oblitus Wood

Oblitus Wood (279 downloads)


Oblitus Wood Village (125 downloads)



Star Sand Desert

Star Sand Desert (231 downloads)


Star Sand Desert Village (144 downloads)



Vulture’s Vale

Vulture's Vale (313 downloads)



Blizzard Berg

Blizzard Berg (289 downloads)



Rainmist Reach

Rainmist Reach (265 downloads)



Emerald Marsh

Emerald Marsh (263 downloads)



Starstruck Plateau

Starstruck Plateau (328 downloads)



Silent Ice Field

Silent Ice Field (278 downloads)



Port Morton

Port Morton (151 downloads)


Port Morton Village (136 downloads)



Candetonn Hill

Candetonn Hill (143 downloads)


Candetonn Hill Village (146 downloads)



Viridian Steppe

Viridian Steppe (139 downloads)



Desolate Valley

Desolate Valley (135 downloads)



Tanglevine Cascades

Tanglevine Cascades (139 downloads)



Sunhunter’s Vale

Sunhunter's Vale (149 downloads)



Chronology Forest

Chronology Forest (315 downloads)



Tempest Desert

Tempest Desert (298 downloads)

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New navea and SR 4F pls


where’s the character selection screen music?
this stuff ->

Le Pei

Coming soon!