Aura Kingdom Eidolons Wallpaper

Screenshots on the beach! These images were used in the Eidolons' showcase videos, if you liked them, feel free to grab one, or as many as you like!



Don’t be fooled by his spritely appearance – Serif is a warrior spirit with the courage to take on any foe. Darting through the air, he strikes with powerful punches and lightning attacks that leave enemies reeling.

serif front

Serif (316 downloads)


serif in dapper suit

Serif in Dapper Suit (81 downloads)




Merrilee’s bubbly personality and can-do attitude make her a perfect partner. She does her best to keep you safe with defensive spells and healing magics, but she can also turn the tables on foes with vicious ice attacks.

merrilee front

Merrilee (304 downloads)




A recently-hatched dragon, Grimm doesn’t let his size prevent him from displaying the confidence and tenacity of a full-grown drake. He enjoys zipping around enemies, body-slamming them in between blasts of torching flame.

grimm front

Grimm (290 downloads)




A svelte scion of unicorn nobility, Alessa possesses sacred powers that can purify ailments and heal injuries. The regal horn protruding from her forehead isn’t just for show, either – she wields it with the deftness of a fencer’s blade.

alessa front

Alessa (285 downloads)




Wrought of enchanted iron by a civilization long lost to memory, Gigas feels no pain and yields to no opponent. It is said that, in recognition of its strength and valor, the gods gave it a hero’s soul, allowing it to exist eternally.

gigas front

Gigas (258 downloads)


gigas 3 star front

Gigas 3 Star (47 downloads)




A mysterious hooded knight emblazoned with the sun’s crest, Aelius brings to bear his shining power to defend his allies with shields of pure light and incinerate the enemies before him with prominences of intense solar heat.

aelius front

Aelius (262 downloads)


aelius 3 star front

Aelius 3 Star (63 downloads)


aelius 3 star back

Aelius 3 Star Back (27 downloads)




When his body was badly damaged in the war between Pandemonium and the Aura Kingdom, angelic champion Abraxas was given new life in a powerful bio-armor. He aids those who seek victory in Gaia’s name, and fights with a heavenly strength and grace.

abraxas front

Abraxas (253 downloads)


abraxas two-star suit front

Abraxas in Two-star Suit (41 downloads)


abraxas 3 star front

Abraxas 3 Star (4680 downloads)




Clad in a hooded cowl and dark armor, Rhodri’s presence sets a chill in the bones. Some claim him an agent of Pandemonium in the mortal realm; others say he seeks a duel with the Knight of the Sun. Only one thing is certain: death follows in his wake.


Faust (0 downloads)




The shadowy Eligos is a Grand Duke of Pandemonium, but with a nobler temperament than many denizens of that forsaken realm. He seeks to train any willing Envoys of Gaia in his powerful dark arts, and claims he can foresee the outcome of any battle.

eligos front

Eligos (253 downloads)


eligos 3 star front

Eligos 3 Star (4568 downloads)


eligos 3 star side

Eligos 3 Star Side (34 downloads)


eligos 3 star back

Eligos 3 Star Back (38 downloads)




Sigrun is a mighty warrior-maiden who combs battlefields for the souls of the fallen. She escorts the spirits of dead heroes to a plane beyond the mortal world and avenges the deaths of noble warriors who have been wrongfully slain.

sigrun front

Sigrun (240 downloads)


sigrun 3 star front

Sigrun 3 Star (81 downloads)


sigrun 3 star side

Sigrun 3 Star Side 1 (44 downloads)


sigrun 3 star side 2

Sigrun 3 Star Side 2 (32 downloads)




A messenger descended from the splendor of the Aura Kingdom, Uzuriel pledges her aid only to those who prove worthy. Favoring swift strikes to thundering blows, her holy winds uplift allies and subdue foes with a brilliant flourish.

uzuriel front

Uzuriel (257 downloads)


uzuriel 3 star front

Uzuriel 3 Star (39 downloads)




Known throughout Pandemonium as the Empress of Torment, Bel-Chandra harnesses fearful magic that wracks the bodies of her enemies in terrible agony. Drawn to the hidden darkness in mortals’ hearts, she whispers emboldening words, encouraging mercilessness in battle.

bel-chandra front

Bel-Chandra (273 downloads)


bel-chandra 3 star front

Bel-Chandra 3 Star (41 downloads)




High above the clouds, Vayu the Stormbringer causes winds to blow and rains and snows to fall. Some attribute to him both droughts and floods, as well as times of great prosperity. When he descends to earth, lesser spirits tremble at his coming.

vayu front

Vayu (254 downloads)


vayu 3 star front

Vayu 3 Star (31 downloads)




One of the grand dragons of the sea, Nazrudin is a master of water in all its forms. The sight of his white, serpentine body in flight is said to be a fortuitous omen to sailors, but if his wrath is awakened, he can sweep away a fleet as though it were chaff.

nazrudin front

Nazrudin (276 downloads)


nazrudin 3 star front

Nazrudin 3 Star (78 downloads)




Once a warlord, Yarnaros was cursed with a draconian form. Resisting the anger in his heart, he instead championed the weak and subdued demons, until at last the gods lifted him up, giving him golden wings and the power to shake the earth and sky.

yarnaros front

Yarnaros (306 downloads)


yarnaros 3star front

Yarnaros 3 Star (28 downloads)




Dwelling in magmatic caverns far beneath the world’s surface, the great dragon Ghodroon has the power to sear foes with boiling lava and superheated ash. He has a fondness for gems and precious metals, and will begrudgingly work with select humans to increase his hoard.


Ghodroon (13 downloads)




The dead marshes of Pandemonium are Quelkulan’s domain. A powerful electric current courses through this fearsome wyrm’s coils, and it can vent an incredibly toxic miasma capable of dissolving flesh and bone, and killing even mystical creatures.

quelkulan front

Quelkulan (287 downloads)


quelkulan 3 star front

Quelkulan 3 Star (49 downloads)




A powerful efreet from the world of spirits, Zaahir gained notoriety among the djinn for his cunning, ruthlessness, and his ambition to rule. With his otherworldly savvy, he allies with those who, like him, will stop at nothing to achieve power.

zaahir front

Zaahir (287 downloads)


zaahir 3 star front

Zaahir 3 Star (29 downloads)


zaahir 3 star back

Zaahir 3 Star Back (24 downloads)




Galloping swiftly through field and plain, Cyril wanders the world looking for worthy causes to which he might pledge his aid. Although a just spirit, his blade holds nothing back against evil, and his speed is like the rush of an oncoming storm. Cyril’s armor is as hard as a diamond, and is able to withstand the most ferocious attacks. When he strikes with his weapon, the Sword in the Stone, the air itself transforms into Wind Blades that strike and scatter his foes, and his King’s Favor skill bolsters his allies’ defensive abilities. Clearly, his legendary title, King of the Knights, is well-deserved.

cyril front

Cyril (246 downloads)


cyril 3 star front

Cyril 3 Star (35 downloads)




As a nine-tailed fox spirit, Kotonoha wields powerful and esoteric spells with ease, chanting secret mantras to defend her partner, or applying magical wards that greatly enhance combat prowess. Her keen eyes can pierce illusions to see the reality beneath.

kotonoha front

Kotonoha (603 downloads)


kotonoha swimwear costume

Kotonoha in Swimwear Costume (63 downloads)


kotonoha 3 star front

Kotonoha 3 Star (54 downloads)



Tigerius Caesar

The noble soul of Emperor Tigerius Caesar, lord of beasts, was preserved by the gods in an everlasting body. He expertly balances his regal bearing with his desire for the finest things in life, like royal buffets, servant girls, and of course, cat naps.

tigerius caesar front

Tigerius Caesar (297 downloads)


3 star tigerius caesar front

Tigerius Caesar 3 Star (58 downloads)




In the vast wildernesses of Terra, Bahadur roams far afield, seeking wars and strong challengers to quell his lust for battle. As a centaur, few spirits can match the speed of his trampling gallop, and fewer still are willing to face his thunderous charge.

bahadur front

Bahadur (245 downloads)


3 star bahadur front

Bahadur 3 Star (30 downloads)




Serena travels the night sky on her giant moon, sketching the world as she sees it below. She is the sister of the Eidolon Aelius, but their relations seem to be on rocky ground. Nevertheless, her lunar magic always shines bright to illuminate allies’ way to victory.

serena front

Serena (397 downloads)


serena swimwear costume

Serena in Swimwear Costume (52 downloads)


3 star serena front

Serena 3 Star (81 downloads)




Endora knows she’s totally the hottest witch in the spirit realm…her rivals who call her bratty are just jealous! She flies into action with terrifying pumpkin magic and her gigantic scythe, but her toughest challenge is the battle to win Serif’s heart.

endora front

Endora (241 downloads)


3 star endora front

Endora 3 Star (51 downloads)




Living in opulent splendor in a grand palace beyond the spirit realm’s southern sky, Vermilion had everything she wanted…except adventure. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to join forces with a worthy Envoy of Gaia and see the rich tapestry of the mortal world for herself. With an affinity for blazing fire and a knack for wide-radius spell blasts, Vermilion is all too happy to dance her way to red-hot victory. She’s a wise spirit but a complete newbie to the world of Terra, so she always has a unique perspective on even seemingly mundane events.

vermilion front

Vermilion (277 downloads)


3 star vermilion front

Vermilion 3 Star (61 downloads)




With an impeccable sense of manners and propriety, elegant beauty that holds the gaze of men and women alike, and great skill in poetry and music, Shirayuki has captured the hearts of all in the wintry realm from which she hails. Will those in the mortal realm appreciate her exacting aesthetic tastes? Able to manipulate snow and ice at her whim, she uses her harsh assault to wear enemies down, but her skill as an entertainer also allows her to bolster the power of her allies. Naturally, Shirayuki finds this elegant balance between offense and defense the most fitting.

shirayuki front

Shirayuki (373 downloads)


Shirayuki 3 Star

Shirayuki 3 Star (24 downloads)



Kaiser Zeta

Born of the soul of an ancient engineer whose name has been lost to the ages, Kaiser Zeta carries the eternal hopes and dreams of youth in his robotic shell. He has burst forth from the spirit realm intent on teaching people the power of truth, justice, teamwork, and striking incredible action poses. As a mechanical construct, Kaiser Zeta’s alloyed body grants him strong defense, and he can spread a protective field over allies, reducing the damage they take. His greatest technique, however, is combining with an Envoy like a suit of armor to battle with blazing passion.

kaiser zeta front

Kaiser Zeta (168 downloads)


kaiser zeta mount front

Kaiser Zeta Mounted (59 downloads)




As one of the regents of Pandemonium’s sprawling netherworld, Hel keeps family close and her allies closer. Her beauty has won her many admirers, but made her distrustful of others’ intentions, and while she chooses her words wisely, her tongue can have a razor’s edge. Hel specializes in short-range, brutally damaging combat. Her hot kisses can, when blown, detonate with incredible destructive power. She also puts her limber legs to effective use, lashing foes with lightning-fast flurries of kicks.

hel front

Hel (162 downloads)




Alucard is a mysterious Eidolon, never before sighted in Terra, Pandemonium, or the Aura Kingdom. He is thought to be a world-walker, and some say his coming heralds calamity for the world. He has a calculating personality and talks down to those he considers lesser beings. Supremely confident in his power, Alucard whips around his dual blades with tremendous force in his debonair ‘human’ form. However, it is when he assumes his draconian form that he truly crackles with the power to crush all who stand before him – mortals, spirits, and Eidolons alike.

alucard front

Alucard (1539 downloads)


Alucard 3 Star

Alucard 3 Star (23 downloads)




Bealdor is the God of Light, illuminating all the world. Coddled and sheltered by his mother since he was young, he neglected worldly affairs. This offended Hel, who began to resent him. Bealdor’s mother once asked all the world’s creatures to swear an oath not to harm him. They agreed, and he became impervious to danger. Now he can stand at the front line of any battle without fear. His powers of destruction are not to be underestimated. When he brandishes his longsword, Skee – made from the first rays of the dawn – he can perform quick and furious attacks. As an Eidolon, he is considered proficient in both attack and defense.

bealdor front

Bealdor (61 downloads)


bealdor back

Bealdor Back (47 downloads)




Kusanagi is the sword spirit of the creator god Amaterasu. Legend says that whoever obtains her will conquer all things under heaven. Amaterasu sent Kusanagi to Terra to help those who would seek to save the world. Kusanagi transformed herself into a sword spirit with a tremendous appitude for battle. She can carry out storm attacks on large numbers of enemies. When rallying together with an Envoy of Gaia, she can launch a destructive laser cannon attack over a broad area. A deep-seated confidence (some would say overconfidence) spurs her to challenge formidable opponents, because she knows that each battle will only make her stronger.

kusanagi front

Kusanagi (278 downloads)


Kusanagi 3 Star

Kusanagi 3 Star (26 downloads)



Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel were drawn to Terra via the Power of Gaia. With the blessing of the forest at their command, they harness the energy of storm and wind. Hansel possesses a keen sense of smell and the ability to vanquish gigantic foes. Gretel, on the other hand, is gifted with tremendous healing abilities. When they blow their horn, they are able to restore their allies’ health, allowing them to keep fighting the good fight.

hansel and gretel front

Hansel and Gretel (148 downloads)




Having never lost a battle, Astraea has long been renowned as the goddess of victory and war. She’s tactically sage and courageous to a fault, though deep down she wishes for nothing but peace. Now, she descends from the heavens in order to protect those whom she holds dear… In her right hand, Astraea wields a stalwart lance of silvery pallor that can penetrate the armor of even the toughest opponents. With her left hand, she defends herself with a holy shield of ornate, golden inlay that proves impervious to all attacks. The sacred power of her lance allows her to not only bring down explosive judgment on her enemies, but restore the health of her comrades as well. Astraea never forgets those whom she must protect and those who fight beside her… which is why she has yet to lose a single battle.


Astraea (49 downloads)


Astraea 3 Star

Astraea 3 Star (26 downloads)




Cesela streaks across the night sky on a blazing star, landing next to the Envoy of Gaia with the force of a fallen comet. In the pitch-black of pure night, Cesela pulses with an Eidolon’s mysterious power. Cesela dominates the night sky, harnessing the raw energy of the stars. This cosmic power, once compressed, deals massive Dark DMG to enemies. Harnessing the power of the moon, her enemies are unable to heal. Having her by your side is a surefire way to guarantee victory!

cesela front

Cesela (200 downloads)


cesela swimwear costume

Cesela in Swimwear Costume (76 downloads)




After defeating the Queen of Hearts and saving Wonderland, Alice started her journey in search of true strength, glory, and new friends. When she laid eyes on the Envoy of Gaia, she knew that she finally had found her perfect companion.

In battle, Alice supports her allies with a powerful cannon that inflicts area damage as well as dealing negative effects on enemies. You’d have to be dumber than Tweedle-Dum to mess with this regicidal menace!




Lured by Terra’s culinary delights, Ayako has decided to join forces with the Envoys of Gaia. She appears in the form of an adorable wolf pup. Ayako has an insatiable appetite. Her dream is to gorge on all the delicious food Terra has to offer.

Imbued with the power of frost, Ayako moves swiftly across the battlefield to intercept the enemy and control the pace of the fight.

Ayako (2 downloads)




Harmonia’s beautiful harp music soothes the savage beast and robs her enemies of the will to fight. Revealing herself only to a select few, the lucky chosen mark meeting her as one of the best moments of their lives.

Harmonia uses music as a ranged weapon against her enemies. The notes she plucks take on physical form and inflict continuous damage. Harmonia’s angelic voice can also heal her companions, boost morale, and strengthen the attacks of Envoys of Gaia. She’s both a powerful ally and a loyal friend.


Harmonia (3 downloads)
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