Daily Loyalty Points on Wednesday

Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Snail Smiter
Navea Birdbrain Neutralizer
Pro Exterminator
Terror That Flaps in the Night
Porting the Porters
Curling Tails
No Gremlins for Old Men A Terrible Time for Gremlins
Until the Crystal Cracked
Purify! Berserk Gelu Combatants!



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Dimension Doorman
Slay the Queen
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Breaking the Laws (Party)
Deus Ex Caverna (Party)
Talamund’s Wake (Party)
Dimension Hopper
Bounty: Beita
Bounty: Loner Mk.XI
Bounty: Galen
Bounty: Maro
Bounty: Jesper
Bounty: Michelle
Bounty: Blessa
Dimensional Hall Harmonizer
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood
The Shadow of Winter
Defeat Monster: Tamir
Defeat Monster: Damian



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Rainbow Grove
Gathering: Mushrooms
Gathering: Nest of Twigs
Gathering: Garlic Plant
Geology: Aquamarine Cluster
Geology: Large Amber Ore
Gathering: Blue Patterned Flowers
Geology: Shining Meteor Mineral Vein
Gathering: Milk Barrels
Geology: Element Fossils



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Helonia Coast Exploration: Marine Fossils
Cactakara Forest Exploration: Treasure
Candeo Marsh Exploration: Stone Tablet
Ventos Prairie Exploration: Chinaware
Oblitus Wood Exploration: Rare Minerals
Rainmist Exploration: Corroded Ore
Silent Ice Field Exploration: Frozen Remains
Viridian Steppe Exploration: I Dig Ancient Beast Claws

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