Daily Loyalty Points on Tuesday

"After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar goes WTF..." unsure


Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Sunbird Slayer
Mainframe Soldier Murderer
Arachnophobia? Not This Time!
Speedy Antelope Slaughter
Dragon Slayer
Defeat the Foehn Drake
Vanguard Vanquisher
Fight Back! Starlight Golems



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Breaking the Laws
Deus Ex Caverna
Curse Breaker (Party)
Slay the Queen (Party)
Who Ya Gonna Call? (Party)
Bounty: Kalna
Bounty: Varis
Bounty: Yimis
Bounty: Neban
Bounty: Grinder
Bounty: Grim
Bounty: Darlak
Bounty: Gullah
Bounty: Biggof
Root of Evil
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood (Party)
Defeat Monster: Dudley
Defeat Monster: Ribbitt



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Patterned Grass
Gathering: Energizing Cabbage
Gathering: Highland Wheat
Geology: Rough Purple Gemstone
Geology: Prehistoric Stone
Gathering: Shellfish Cluster
Gathering: Moonlight Flower Bushels
Geology: Weathered Unrefined Ore



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Helonia Coast Exploration: Animal Bones
Demarech Mines Exploration: Pottery Shards
Triatio Highlands Exploration: Rare Minerals
Star Sand Desert Exploration: Marine Fossils
Vulture’s Vale Exploration: Wisps
Rainmist Exploration: Phosphorus Crystal
Starstruck Plateau Exploration: Corroded Relic

Candetonn Hill Exploration: I Dig Charred Wood

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