Daily Loyalty Points on Thursday

Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Sandy Mollusk Masher
Leathery Crocodile Lancer
Unbreakable? Not Likely
Slow and Steady Won’t Win
It is Always the Butterfly…
Just Say No to Foxes
Iguana Thrasher
Darkwing! Duck!
Kill the Demon Patrolmen



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Curse Breaker
Deus Ex Caverna
Temple Cleaning
Talamund’s Wake
Dimension Doorman (Party)
 Slay the Queen (Party)
Temple Cleaning (Party)
Bounty: Wade
Bounty: Seeker L-Type
Bounty: Otto
Bounty: Weily
Bounty: Barthold
Leaving Leviathan
Bounty: Dinglebert
Bounty: Mandisa
Root of Evil (Party)
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood (Party)
The Shadow of Winter (Party)
Defeat Monster: Kermit
Defeat Monster: Paroyagi



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Hot Pepper Tree
Gathering: Navea Herbs
Gathering: Demarech Fruit Tree
Gathering: Cocoa Tree
Geology: Indigo Crystal Cluster
Geology: Jade Vein
Gathering: Plateau Corn Plant
Geology: Cloud Meteor Mineral
Gathering: Wild Figs
Geology: Emerald Crystal



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Port Skandia Exploration: Chinaware
Crescent Hill Exploration: Treasure
Ventos Prairie Exploration: Handcrafted Relics
Star Sand Desert Exploration: Energized Crystals
Emerald Marsh Exploration: Mana Parasites
Port Morton Exploration: I Dig Extinct Shellfish
Desolate Valley Exploration: I Dig Magic Runestones


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Le Pei

You don’t need to accept these quests, they are there by default. So if you kill those amount of required monsters, you will complete these Achievements automatically. If you want to track your progress, you can always check the Achievements tab in your Journal.

Oguri Hatshuharu
Oguri Hatshuharu

Amazing works! I’ve been farming for the past 2 days and although I’m lazy as hell, still able to earn around 1500 LP thanks to this.
Thank you very much.

Royri Mangubat
Royri Mangubat

I don’t know how this works

Le Pei

Click on “Show details.” and you will find all the information you need!