Daily Loyalty Points on Sunday

Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Flower Beetle Flattener
Ornery Goat Gourmet
The True Beastmaster
Like Sharkskin
Royal Bird Hunter
Tunnelers’ Tantrum
Death from Below
Resist! Zingaro Rebels



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Deus Ex Caverna
Temple Cleaning
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Deus Ex Caverna (Party)
Slay the Queen (Party)
Who Ya Gonna Call? (Party)
Talamund’s Wake (Party)
Bounty: Doniland
Bounty: Arrel
Bounty: Gordon
Bounty: Leon
Bounty: Serge
Bounty: Rumeon
Bounty: Ranya
Dimensional Hall Harmonizer
Root of Evil
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood (Party)
The Shadow of Winter (Party)
Defeat Monster: Houston
Defeat Monster: Roche



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Small Bird’s Nest
Gathering: Berry Bush
Gathering: Desert Vines
Gathering: Wild Bird’s Nest
Geology: Bird-Patterned Ore
Geology: Molten Ore
Gathering: Scallop Cluster
Geology: Arctic Sea Crystal Cluster
Gathering: Bellflowers



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Port Skandia Exploration: Wisps
Crescent Hill Exploration: Pottery Shards
Candeo Marsh Exploration: Pottery Shards
Blizzard Berg Exploration: Wisps
Star Sand Desert Exploration: Animal Bones
Silent Ice Field Exploration: Frosted Handcrafted Relic
Candetonn Hill Exploration: I Dig Prehistoric Amber
Desolate Valley Exploration: I Dig Magic Crystals