Daily Loyalty Points on Saturday

"Saturday night out! ... Just kidding. I'm in my jammies." :&


Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Forest Beetle Beater
East City Hunter Eliminator
Armor Piercer
Making Mischief
Who’s Haunting Who?
We Want Clean Air!
Undying Enmity
Eliminate the Sharp Horndeer
Soulwrenching Shadowlings! Eradication Plan



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Dimension Doorman
Temple Cleaning
Talamund’s Wake
Breaking the Laws (Party)
Temple Cleaning (Party)
Who Ya Gonna Call? (Party)
Bounty: Bayin
Bounty: The Murderlator
Bounty: Stingey
Bounty: Dullas
Bounty: Kelosa
Leaving Leviathan
Bounty: Zagon
Bounty: Roli
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood
Root of Evil (Party)
The Shadow of Winter
Defeat Monster: Dmitri
Defeat Monster: Roalbarn



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Crescent Flowers
Gathering: Colorful Water Mushrooms
Gathering: Demarech Flowers
Gathering: Grapevine
Geology: Magnetic Ferrous Ore
Geology: Red Ore
Gathering: Fragrant Snowdrops
Geology: Emerald Marsh Mineral
Gathering: Windtrees



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Cactakara Forest Exploration: Wisps
Triatio Highlands Exploration: Cultural Relics
Ventos Prairie Exploration: Energized Crystals
Oblitus Wood Exploration: Rare Minerals
Vulture’s Vale Exploration: Handcrafted Relics
Emerald Marsh Exploration: Fallenwisp
Starstruck Plateau Exploration: Crumbling Tablet
Port Morton Exploration: I Dig Ancient Shipwrecks
Viridian Steppe Exploration: I Dig Aged Giant Bones

  • Roughly between 800 to 900 LP per day if you have unlocked all areas.