Daily Loyalty Points on Monday

"Monday?! But, I wasn’t even finished with the weekend yet.." cry


Daily Wipe Out

Quest Detail
Bunnyhop Basher
Tribal Patrolman Trouncer
King of the Jungle
Toucant Trouncer
Splitting Hair Algae
Travelling Demon Slayer
Stop Grinding Your Teeth!
The Deer Hunter
Crush the Evil Falcon Harpies



Daily Top Kills

Quest Detail
Curse Breaker
Slay the Queen
Talamund’s Wake
Dimension Doorman (Party)
Temple Cleaning (Party)
Dimension Hopper
Bounty: Senka
Bounty: Gebast
Bounty: Earl
Bounty: Perihelion
Bounty: Tania
Leaving Leviathan
Bounty: Beyeta
Bounty: Calona
Bounty: Naliya
Dimensional Hall Harmonizer
Cleansing of Cadilla Felwood
Root of Evil (Party)
The Shadow of Winter (Party)
Defeat Monster: Minerva
Defeat Monster: Fidel
Defeat Monster: Talusha
Defeat Monster: Luigi



Daily Gathering

Quest Detail
Gathering: Nut Tree
Gathering: Sour Fruit Tree
Gathering: Coconut Tree
Geology: Mineral Rich Dirt
Geology: Steel Copper Deposit
Geology: Petrified Coral
Geology: Flooded Mineral
Gathering: Small Flower Crabs Complete!
Gathering: Cliffside Blossoms



Daily Exploration

Quest Detail
Port Skandia Exploration: Energized Crystals
Crescent Hill Exploration: Handcrafted Relics
Cactakara Forest Exploration: Chinaware
Candeo Marsh Exploration: Treasure
Blizzard Berg Exploration: Animal Bones
Emerald Marsh Exploration: Mutant Remains
Starstruck Plateau Exploration: Primitive Tool
Port Morton Exploration: I Dig Sea Monster Limbs
Desolate Valley Exploration: I Dig Magic Orbs

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