Aura Kingdom DPS Bard PvE Guide [Outdated]

Aura Kingdom DPS Bard Guide is a summary, some knowledge and past experience of my own. This is not a build that I would recommend to beginner, or if you are looking for a support Bard guide that heals, then this is definitely not for you!

Additionally, Bard itself is not a DPS class, making it one would require more resources than usual; with that being said, this guide is mostly dedicated to high level players who have a good amount of resources or have a main DPS class that can farm. The reason I made this is simply because of personal interests, and I'm sure there are a lot of players out there who are curious and interested as well! So, I hope you get something useful out of this!



In this guide, I’ve aimed for a build that makes Bard, originally a healing support class, to a DPS class. I’ve focused on these basic stats and elements first and foremost: CRIT/CRIT DMG and SPD,¬†then DMG; HP and DEF; Storm and Holy elements.

Why build a DPS Bard in the first place? Because of personal interests, testings for fun, and mostly, because you can! A few things I should mention before you get into the build are:

  1. As I mentioned above, this should not be your primary or first build. Mostly because it costs – both time and gold.
  2. Again, cost. Because Bard itself is a healing class, trying to make it deal damage will take extra efforts compared to building a normal DPS class.
  3. Double gear sets. If you are an ordinary Bard, you will have to start off “fresh” because most of your current equipment probably won’t fit in this build.
  4. Set switching. This depends on individuals, some people run with parties frequecontly, some don’t. Each time you will have to switch your gear sets depending on if you want to heal or deal damage – which is pretty tiresome, if you include changes of Secret Stones and so on.
  5. Having only the DPS set might lead to other parties not wanting you, simply because you don’t heal as good. Of course, it depends on the parties, if you have some good friends with decent equipment, they probably won’t mind!
  6. Easier progress if this is your alternative, or if you have other DPS class to farm.


With all of these in mind, it’s time to¬†see what you can expect after following this guide:

  • Fast and easy¬†B2B dungeon run in Solo/Solo Challenge mode.
  • Significantly greater damage output than support Bard.
  • “Unexpected” trunk hit due to a lot of Zeal procs.
  • Ability to solo higher difficulty dungeons, such as Party/Hell mode.
  • Self-healing can keep you alive, most of the time anyways!


Now, let me list some pros and cons of this build to get you a clear picture.


  • Can deal damage and have self-support at the same time.
  • With the ability to solo dungeons, you don’t have to recruit DPS or wait for joining a party.
  • Numbers of Zeal procs.
  • Just to take¬†a break from being a support class.



  • Double gear sets.
  • Double Secret Stone sets.
  • Extra costs, fortifications and resources.
  • Occasionally being neglected by parties.



Difficulty: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ
Solo: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ
Party: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ
Cost: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ
Single target: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ
Multiple targets: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ
Burst DPS: ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ
Sustained DPS (DoT): ‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ


If you have continued reading this far, you should have understood roughly what this guide is about by now. ⊗ But, before you start this journey, please always keep the following things in mind when you read a guide:

  1. There are more than one way to play a class.
  2. Everything here is¬†personal experience and personal suggestion. It’s¬†by no means¬†that they are the best choices, but rather what I think suitable.
  3. Different people have different playing styles, so this may or may not suit you.
  4. If you copy a build, you can only achieve just as good. To get even better results, you should tweak and test further!
  5. Evaluate¬†a build and its style to see if it is suitable for you, because there is no‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ build, but rather a most¬†suitable one.
  6. Be experimental! You do not have to follow a guide 100%, think of it as a guideline, not rule. You don’t want to just copy-and-paste a character, you want your own unique one!


Alright, without further ado, let’s¬†get started!



The structure of this guide is set so that the fundamental aspects come prior variables.

The fundamental aspects are the things you can set it early in game, items that you can buy or farm which will be used in a longer period of time. Variables are the things, such as food and buff, that you can alter and test yourselves, depending on certain exceeding or underestimated stats.

Depending on your current level, some of your personal stats may be lower, but as long as you have no hard time soloing, you are good! The following¬†stats are evaluated at around¬†level 75. If you are at a much lower level and meet the requirement, then your are golden; if not, don’t worry, you are likely to reach higher stats as you keep leveling up!


For Offensive stats, we focus on CRIT/CRIT DMG and SPD.

Stats Must Optimal Good
SPD 50% Over-capping 50%
CRIT 60% 70% – 80% 90% and above
CRIT DMG 200% 250% 250% and above, or some Crit Damage bonus against Bosses

Capping SPD at 50% is a must. No excuse!

Roughly 80% CRIT is optimal, 90% and above is good!

Roughly 250% CRIT DMG in general is optimal, not capping it but having enough amount of Crit Damage bonus against Bosses is good!

If you can’t reach the minimum amount of CRIT and CRIT DMG in the end, you will have no choice but to go for DMG stats.


For Defensive stats, we focus on DEF and rest HP. No EVA.

 Stats Must Optimal Good
HP 80K 100K 120K and above
DEF 75% Over-capping 75%
Move SPD 140% 160% 180% and above

Having higher HP increases your chance of survival, and maximize your self-heal potential. Throw everything you have left into HP after you have capped DEF.

Capping DEF at 75% is a must. No excuse!

Move SPD allows you to get things done more efficient! Faster dungeon run time, easier for you to avoid red-carpet attacks. With good practice of jump-cast, you will survive in harder dungeons.

If you can’t cap DEF or reach minimum amount of HP in the end, don’t worry, you can still solo most dungeons, but you may not be able to solo dungeons in higher difficulties, such as Party/Hell mode.




Here are my suggestions to the picks of subclass, I will comment only on their skills in general. Also, remember that you are able to reset your subclass for free now, with a cooldown of 10-minute. So be sure to try out different ones even if they are not mentioned in this guide!



Ranger is the subclass I have been using since the early day until Crusader came out. Personally, I approve this class and it is one of the best subclasses that can decrease DEF and has AoE skills.


Frost Arrow (Ice):¬†It decreases target’s Move SPD by 30% for 4 seconds. A fully charged cast will immobilize target for 4 seconds. A very good CC!

Dimensional Shot (Dark): It adds DoT debuff for 10 seconds. Good for kiting certain bosses!

Blessing of the Winds: It increases your DMG and Zeal proc (30% chance to hit twice), lasts 25 seconds. On the other hand, it has rather long cooldown.

Corrosive Shot (Force):¬†It decreases target’s DEF, can be stacked up to 3 times, lasts 12 seconds.

Arrow of Light (Holy):¬†Decent directional AoE skill. A fully charged cast will decrease target’s DMG for 10 seconds.

Hail of Arrows (Force):¬†Good range AoE skill. A fully charged cast will increase the skill’s hit radius.

Burst of Speed: Buffs your SPD and ACC by 5%, combines nicely if you have a hard time capping SPD!



This is the subclass I’m currently using, so most subclass-related things I will be focusing on Crusader. It’s one of the most powerful subclasses, can also decrease¬†DEF and has¬†AoE skills!


Dry Bones (Force):¬†It decreases target’s CRIT, moreover what’s more important is, a fully charged cast will decrease target’s DEF, lasts 8 seconds.

Divine Sunderance (Force): Location-shift skill, it allows you to jump to target quickly, fasten your run. A fully charged cast will stun target for 3 seconds.

Ice Splitter (Ice):¬†Caster-orientated AoE skill, it decreases target’s Move SPD by 20% for 4 seconds.

Smiter’s Edge (Holy):¬†Frontal AoE skill, it increases your DMG by 10% for 6 seconds. A fully charged cast will increase its hit radius and inflict DoT on up to 8 targets.

Divine Thunderstrike (Lightning):¬†It decreases target’s DMG by 8%, lasts for 8 seconds; can be chained up to 3 targets. A fully charged cast can be chained up to 6 targets.

Sword Gaze: Buffs your CRIT DMG by 15% and CRIT, combines nicely for our build!




General Skills

Song of the Full Moon, decreases target’s DEF, lasts 10 seconds.


Attack Spec

Zeal, 10% chance to deal extra damage.


Advanced Skills

Sad Love Song, increases DMG, can be stacked up to 3 times, lasts 12 seconds. Plain 12% (Detailed) DMG boost and HoT, it’s basically a buff that you want to keep¬†active all time when you run dungeons.


Defense Spec

Extreme Speed, increases EVA by 6% and Move SPD by 15%. It’s one of the few ways which you can boost your Move SPD.


Tactical Spec

Break Defense, 25% chance to decrease target’s DEF, lasts 8 seconds.


Special Skills

The Best Defense, converts 3% of your DMG to DEF. Most common choice, it helps you out a lot if you are having a hard time capping DEF.


Deep Blue, increases (Detailed) DMG and decreases Malice. Go for this one if you are satisfied with your DEF!



Equipment Secret Stone

It’s easier to first focus on equipment’s Secret Stones, because usually the weapon’s Secret Stones cost a lot more.

You will be looking for Secret Stones with the following bonus stats:

  • DMG +2%
  • CRIT DMG +6%


Of course, it may not be easy to roll or¬†cheap if you are to buy from other players. Just keep checking the market from time to time, and maybe just buy¬†some similar ones for temporary usage. You can also buy other classes’ Secret Stones if you don’t care much about the bonus effects on your skills.

Weapon’s Secret Stones will be mentioned in the later section.



Indigo Ambient Drone Secret Stone, increases your skill’s radius by 5 meters. It’s a must-have!



There is no class-specified Secret Stone for Bard’s armor, so you can buy any one. I suggest buying one that is suitable for your subclass.



Azure Holy Notes Secret Stone, decreases your skill’s cooldown by 10%.



Emerald Blissful Harmony Secret Stone, increases your skill’s duration by 4 seconds.



Azure Healing Harmony Secret Stone, decreases your skill’s cooldown by 10%.




Secret tier Costumes offer additional stats, All Stats +1%, that’s about as good as you can get. So if you are in a budget, just buy the cheapest ones you find on the market! Some examples are the followings.



Any Weapon Costumes with stats DMG +2%.



Any Hat Costumes with stats Max HP +2%.



Any Face Costumes with stats DMG +2%.



Any Costumes with stats DMG +2%.



Any Ornament Costumes with stats DMG +2%.



Costume Enchantment Card

After you have bought your Costumes, it’s time to enchant them!



Enchantment Card: Storm Song Mastery, increases your skill’s level by 5. It¬†will be used to enchant your Weapon Costume.


Premium Weapon Enchantment – DMG, will be used to enchant the above Enchantment Card.


If you can't afford Premium enchantment cards, go for Advanced ones for now! This applies to all Enchantment cards below.

You can learn more information about Costume Enchantment Cards here!



Enchantment Card: Damage Against Bosses Mastery, increases your Damage bonus against Bosses by 10%. It will be used to enchant your Hat Costume.


Premium Headgear Enchantment РHP, will be used to enchant the above Enchantment Card.



Enchantment Card: Ballad Mastery, increases your skill’s level by 5. It¬†will be used to enchant your Face¬†Costume.


Premium Facemask Enchantment РDMG, will be used to enchant the above Enchantment Card.



Enchantment Card: CRIT Damage Against Bosses Mastery, increases your Crit Damage bonus against Bosses by 25%.


Premium Costume Enchantment РDMG, will be used to enchant the above Enchantment Card.



Enchantment Card: Extreme Speed Mastery, increases your Move SPD by 5%. It’s one of the few ways to increase your Move SPD, and probably the most suitable one for most classes.¬†It¬†will be used to enchant your Ornament¬†Costume.


Premium Back Accessory Enchantment РDMG, will be used to enchant the above Enchantment Card.




Abraxas abraxas

My favorite Eidolon for this class! He has Zeal proc, can decrease DEF.



Brave Assault: Decreases target’s DEF, lasts 6 seconds. It should be set to auto-cast all time.

Heaven’s Gaze: Increases party members’ ACC by 20%, lasts 15 seconds. It’s optional, you can have it set to auto-cast if you want.


Star Buff

Star Buff
Skepticism I one star Damage against Holy targets +15%
Double Down I two stars 5% chance of a double attack
Double Down II three stars 10% chance of a double attack

First Star buff increases your Damage against Holy targets by 15%. You will recover more HP when you self-heal.

Second and third Star buffs together increase your chance of a double attack by 15%.


Alternatively, if you haven’t gotten¬†Abraxas yet, here are some other commonly used and easily obtained Eidolons you could consider!



Prior level 60

Prior level 60, you can use any equipment you received from completing quests, or as loot drops from monsters. If you have extra resources, feel free to craft level 50’s equipment, and in that case, go for Aria sets for both top and bottom; but it’s not a must. ¬†You can reach level 60 with easy anyway, by different kinds of means; mostly by grinding Main Quests, Daily Quests and dungeons in both Solo and Party Mode.



Level 60

At level 60, it’s optimal to have your equipment¬†fortified up to at least +9. This would be enough for solo runs and party with other players. You could maybe fortify your weapons and¬†armors up to +15 if you want to, but above this value may not be¬†necessary; better save your scrolls. With the new implemented Daily Quests, it’s much easier to reach level 70.




There aren’t many choice for weapon at this stage, the only one to go for is¬†Poseidon’s Harp.¬†Make sure to:

  • Use Storm element sacrifice weapon.
  • If possible, use Nocturnal¬†Refined Spirit Core.
  • Try to get¬†its ATK Bonus 125% and above.
  • Fortify to at least¬†+15.
  • If possible, upgrade to¬†Star Level 5.


Holy Sword

Since my current subclass is set to be Crusader, I will be including this class’ weapon. If you have another subclass, you will have to take a closer look yourselves.

Go for Kayel Holy Sword. Make sure to:

  • Use Holy element¬†sacrifice weapon.
  • If possible, use Destroyer Refined Vengeance Core.
  • Try to get¬†its ATK Bonus 125% and above.
  • Fortify to at least¬†+15.
  • If possible, upgrade to¬†Star Level 5.



When crafting armors, make sure to:

  • Use Holy element sacrifice body armor.
  • If possible, use Imperial Cores.
  • Try to get¬†their¬†DEF¬†Bonus 120% and above.
  • Fortify to at least¬†+9.
  • If possible, upgrade to Star Level 5.


At this stage, you can choose from the following two combinations:

  1. Revelation top, combined with Devourer bottom.
  2. Devourer top, combined with Revelation bottom.


Which combination you choose, can be based on different situations. For example, if you have obtained Revelation top recipes, then it’s easier to just go for the first combination; or perhaps¬†certain recipes are cheaper at the time you are looking at the market and so on.

Now, let’s take a look on both combinations’ details.

Combination 1 Combination 2


The reason to go for a mixed combination is based on how their Set Bonuses match each other.

Combination 1 offers SPD and CRIT DMG, whereas combination 2 offers CRIT and DMG.¬†Personally, I would go for combination 2, because the first combination consists of 3 pieces of gear which offer EVA, and it’s something we don’t need. However, either will do just good!



There aren’t many choices for Trophies at this stage. The most commonly used are¬†Malodnak’s Sharp Claw and¬†Malodnak’s Dark Claw. Fortifications are not necessary.



If you are level 65 and above, go for Flokja set. If you are under level 65 or unable to farm or buy Flokja set, go for the alternatives mentioned below.

Flokja set offers a lot of SPD, its Set Bonus also has Zeal proc. With this set you will be able to cap SPD with ease!


If you haven’t gotten yourself Flokja set yet, go for these¬†level 55’s items: Gekasso’s Eye of Insanity, Saint Hale’s Divine Band and Talamund’s Infernal Whisper. They together offer a decent amount of DMG, CRIT DMG and SPD; the only downside is that they don’t come as a set, thus no Set Bonus included.



Level 70



Go for Dragon Crystal Harp straight. Make sure to:

  • Use Storm element¬†sacrifice weapon.
  • Use¬†Nocturnal Refined Energized Core.
  • Get¬†its ATK Bonus 125% and above.
  • Fortify to +20.
  • Upgrade to¬†Star Level 5.


Holy Sword

Go for Enigma Sword straight. Make sure to:

  • Use Holy element¬†sacrifice weapon.
  • Use Destroyer Refined Titanic Core.
  • Get¬†its ATK Bonus 125% and above.
  • Fortify to +20.
  • Upgrade to¬†Star Level 5.


Weapon Secret Stones

Weapons’ Secret Stones can be expensive and hard to roll, so you could go a bit easy with the bonus stats. However, you should always aim for the following two stats:

  • DMG +2%
  • CRIT DMG +6%

If you can’t get those bonus stats or similar ones, you should at least make sure that DMG +2% is there!



The best choice would be¬†Lava Storm Song Secret Stone, but it’s not cheap or easy to obtain.¬†Alternatively, you can also use¬†Zephyr Storm Song Secret Stone¬†to start with.


Holy Sword

The best choice would be Lava Secret Stone Ground Slasher, but it’s not cheap or easy to obtain.¬†Alternatively, you can also use¬†Zephyr Secret Stone Ground Slasher to start with.



At this stage, Sniper sets are most commonly used and preferred. However, if you don’t have enough resources to obtain these recipes, there are still a few options you could consider! Make sure to:

  • Use Holy element sacrifice body armor.
  • Use Imperial Cores when crafting armors.
  • Get their¬†DEF¬†Bonus 125% and above.
  • Fortify to +20.
  • Upgrade to¬†Star Level 5.



For top we will be using Sniper set, pretty standard.



For bottom I have used Lethal Beast set, mainly because I didn’t have enough resources to get Sniper set, and I had Lethal Beast set from my previous characters, so I just recycled some equipment. All my solo runs you saw on YouTube, I have equipped this set. So if you have enough resources for Sniper bottom, go for it! Result may vary, but I assume it would be better.

Lethal Beast set offers a lot of CRIT, a decent amount of CRIT DMG and has Zeal proc. In addition, if you can afford Sniper bottom set, it is usually strongly recommended that you go for it!



Titan’s Flaming Soul is a good replacement for Malodnak’s Sharp Claw.


Guzigla’s Bloodied Tooth is a must-have, it offers a good amount of¬†Damage bonus against Bosses. Make sure to use Imperial¬†Stalwart Trophy Refining Core when you craft it.



It’s perfectly fine to stick with your previous Flokja set, but if you can afford or able to farm Blinding set, it would be even better!



Equipment Enchantment Card

Enchantment Cards for equipment are only available for equipment that are level 70 and above.

There are 3 types of Enchantment Cards, you should always go for the best tier you are able to get:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advance



For weapon enchantment, go for Move SPD type.


There are additional bonuses on these cards. If possible, go for Zeal proc; otherwise, use any one that you find or can afford.



For all 5 armor pieces, go for either DMG or CRIT type.



For all 3 accessories, go for either DMG or CRIT type. There are rather rare and cost a lot since it was newly implemented, so you don’t really have to worry too much about it for now if you don’t have any!



Envoy’s Path

Level 60

As you level up to level 60, you will gain up to 20 Envoy Points.

You will first focus on the left side, pick up CRIT and Storm Song Mastery paths, go along the line until you reach the last passive path Energized Healing, then start working on the right side, which you give you mostly CRIT DMG and another passive path Efficient Immune System.

Bard Envoys Path Level 60


Level 69

After you have reached level 69, you will gain 3 additional Envoy Points. Now you can change your Path on the right side slightly!

You will remove a HP path and work your way around. The main purpose is to pick up yet another passive path Child of the Sun, which increases damage of Holy skills by 10%. This is good for your self-healing and sub-Crusader’s skill Smiter’s Edge.

And now, your Envoy’s Path is set. The extra Envoy Points you gain later on can be spent as you see fit.

Bard Envoys Path Level 69






Put all ATK Points to CRIT, rest go to DMG. This is to ensure your critical rate as high as possible.



Put all DEF Points to HP, rest go to DEF. You can choose to redistribute¬†Defensive stats if your DEF isn’t capped.


Personal Stats

If you have followed this guide this far, you should be able to achieve similar or better result as shown below. If you are hesitating whether or not to start making a DPS Bard, here is some stats you could take note of, and they might just motivate you!

Here is my character’s almost pure stats. At the time of this screenshot taken, I had Chocolate buffs and didn’t want to lose it; so only the following buffs are active, not even Eidolon (I will retake a new one when the buffs wear off):

  1. Adulation, DMG +5%.
  2. Show of Affection, DEF +2%.
  3. Crushed On, Max HP +10%.

Stats with Choclate Buffs



Having 3 Ballad stacks, along with Energized Healing (DMG +10%) and Angelic Choir (All stats +3%) passive buffs active.

Stats with Ballads


As you can see, my SPD isn’t capped even when I have Eidolons summoned and Ballads active. To fix that, simply consume food, drink or potion that increase SPD.

To further¬†increase CRIT, specially when you try to reach 100% rate, use sub-Crusader’s party buff¬†Sword Gaze. If you want 10% faster Move SPD, go for¬†Rhapsody.




There are so many types of food, and you can make endless combinations out of all of them.

A good tips is to choose your consumable based on the situations. For example, if you run a dungeon with a lot of elemental monsters, then you could go for the type of food or potion that offer additional damage against that type of element monster; or if you lack certain stats, take the type of food or drink that increases that stats.

Below are some recommendations you could consider.



Level 60

Heavenly Vanilla Macaroon, increases SPD and DMG. One of my frequently used food. As you could see in my stats above, I needed something to save my lack of SPD, and this is one of the easiest ways to increase SPD. Go for this if you lack SPD!


Handmade Swiss Roll with Striped Icing, increases SPD and has Zeal proc. It’s all about that Zeal proc! This is a level 40 item, thus provides a much less SPD, so only go for this if you have capped SPD!


Level 70

Top-Class Seafood and Greens Teppanyaki, increases SPD, CRIT and has Zeal proc. One of my all-time favorite! It has got everything that I need – SPD which I lack, CRIT which I try to cap, and Zeal proc.


Gourmet Seafood Chowder, increases CRIT, DMG and has Zeal proc. Definitely go for this if your SPD is capped.



Level 60

Pop Rocks, increases DEF and Max HP. One of the most commonly used drink, it really helps you out when you have a hard time capping DEF.


Royal Jelly Tea, increases EVA and has Zeal proc. EVA is not what we are after, but the Zeal proc! It’s the only drink that offers Zeal proc, so feel free to go for this if you don’t lack other stats.


Level 70

Gourmet Seafood Broth, increases SPD, DMG and Move SPD. Go for this if you lack some SPD, the additional DMG and Move SPD can only do good!


Exquisite Honey Nut Drink, increases DEF and Max HP. Basically a better version of Pop Rocks.


Choctastic Sorbet, increases SPD and DMG. A decent alternative.



For the party buff it’s pretty straight forward. If you want to additionally increase your CRIT, or if your CRIT is below the optimal value, then go for sub-Crusader’s party buff Sword Gaze. Otherwise in general, you can just enjoy your own class’ buff¬†Rhapsody, which increases Move SPD by 10%.



Beside food, drink and party buffs, you have other items and events that can also increase your stats. Here I will exclude items that are no longer available or are from previous periodic/seasonal events.



Different tiers of pets increase different numbers of stats. The best you can get at the moment is the Secret/Rare tier, which increases the following 3 stats:

  1. DMG +1%.
  2. Max HP +1%.
  3. Heal +1%.



All types of alchemy potions can only do good. There are various types of potions, increase in stats are the most commonly used type, elemental potions are also popular, there are also potions that remove debuffs, increase Move SPD, Normal Attack SPD and so on. Craft as you can, or buy as you can afford!



Fishing Gear. Having a whole set of Fishing Gear will provide you additional stats. Different fishing set increase different stats, check closely before you start crafting!


Personal Title. Certain titles increase your stats, so try to earn as many as you can!


Sage Stone. A level 70 item dropped from monsters in high level dungeons, you can also buy them from other players. It increases Max HP and DMG by 1%, can be stacked up to 3 times, lasts 15 minutes.


Moonlight Care buff (only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). A free buff you receive by distributing Moonlight Rice Cakes. It increases DMG, DEF and Move SPD by 3%, lasts 3 hours.


A guide on getting the Moonlight Care buff can be found here!


Flower Sprite’s Dews¬†(Items exchanged from Valentin’s Event, no longer available).


Artisanal Chocolate Heart (Free item received from talking an NPC in Helonia Coast, no longer available).


Ice Crystal Pomfret (Fish caught from a School of Fish located in Helonia Coast, no longer available).



Be a Zeal

In addition, to maximize your Zeal proc, here is a little summary on some sources, let me know if I miss any:

  1. Sub-Ranger’s skill¬†Blessing of the Winds, 30% chance to hit twice. (Optional)
  2. Mastery Zeal, 10% chance to deal extra 90% damage.
  3. Eidolon Abraxas Star Buff, 15% chance of a double attack.
  4. Accessory Flokja set, each CRIT hit has 16% chance to grant next attack additional DMG.
  5. Equipment Lethal Beast set, each CRIT hit has 15% chance to deal double damage.
  6. Trophy Titan’s Flaming Soul, each CRIT hit has 10% chance to increase DMG by 35% on next attack.
  7. Weapon Enchantment Card, additional stats grants each attack has 5% to deal greater damage. (Optional)
  8. Food Gourmet Seafood Chowder, 10% chance to triple-cast.
  9. Drink Royal Jelly Tea, 10% chance to triple-cast.






And with that it brings us to an end. Hopefully it was inspiring and that you have enjoyed and got something useful out of this guide!

As always, if you have anything opinions, suggestions and ideas, please feel free to share with the community. Any feedback are more than welcome! And if you are to share this guide anywhere else, feel free to do so, linking to the original article is always appreciated as well!

Anyways, have fun!

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Nilton Fontes
Nilton Fontes

Nice guide :D, now i want ask you a thing kinda “off-topic”.
I know that making guides takes a while to do but how often are you posting new guides? ūüėÄ
Try make a shinoby or a guardian next, i cant find good guides >.<
thx for making these guides

Le Pei

Hi, I don’t make class guide that often. Previously I had guides for Duelist and Ravager as well, but since I didn’t keep playing them and very outdated by now, I have taken them away from public.

Class guide depends on which one I’m playing, and it takes time and resources to build and do tests. Right now a guide for Shinobi is planned, it should come in the near future!

Daniel N. J.
Daniel N. J.

Great guide Le Pei! Very in-depth and covers what is needed. Just wanted to comment on Eidolon and Offensive stats. With my DPS Bard, I always – ALWAYS, run with Yarnaros out. +25% Auto-attack speed and +24% Damage is huge! In my honest opinion, it is better than any Zeal proc out there. I’ll post my stats as a picture (I do have Condensed Snowdrop Ice +3124 DMG, +986 CRIT, 10% Chance to Triple Strike and Gourmet Seafood Broth +1602 SPD, +1923 DMG, +6% MSPD active though!). I do not however have my 6CDMG/2DMG Secret Stones inlaid nor Holy Sword… Read more »