How To Get Free Shark Mount

(Last updated on 2017-01-10)

With the new features of the Housing System, you can now obtain exclusive shark mounts, a Move SPD +60% and a Move SPD +90% version. The steps are rather simple, but the whole process is very time consuming. Anyways, here is how you can get the shark mounts for free!


(Last updated on 2016-11-22)

Mannequin Challenge!

Custom Preset: Holy Warrior’s Vestments (F)

(Last updated on 2016-11-12)

  Affordability: Easy. Price: Moderate. Main color: White.     Costume Detail Head Rabbit Ear Headband  Soft White Rabbit Ear Headband  Body Holy Warrior’s Vestments (F)  Custom Holy Warrior’s Vestments (F)  Weapon Hallowed Lock Shield   


(Last updated on 2016-10-09)

AK + PPAP  = ugh… PPAK?


(Last updated on 2016-10-21)

Sorry but it had to be done!