Aura Kingdom Oddity Achievements Guide

Aura Kingdom Oddity Achievements is a guide (video walkthrough included) that helps you to complete all Oddity quests, and simplifies your Adventurer Medal progress!

Here you will be able to find related NPC and map illustrations to speed up your progress.

If you know which Achievements are missing, you can use Ctrl + F to search for it.

Clicking on an Achievement, it will take you to the respective walkthrough video on YouTube.



navea oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Running Errands
2 Good Samaritan
3 Hide And Seek
4 Boot Camp
5 Grand Opening
6 Welcoming Light
7 Seeing the Sights
8 Maintain Public Order
9 Express Delivery
10 A Rare Catch



Port Skandia

port skandia oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Lunchbox
2 In Case of Emergency
3 Witch’s Spells
4 Everlasting Light
5 A Pet Of Her Own
6 The Allure of Fishing
7 Masterpiece
8 A Fine Wine
9 Tested On Animals
10 A Friendly Exchange



Helonia Coast

helonia coast oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Pirate’s Treasure
2 Message in a Bottle
3 Ringleader
4 Troubled Waters
5 Spy Game
6 Delectable Dish
7 Curse of the Seven Seas
8 Study of the Wind
9 Dream of the Ocean Blue
10 Man’s Best Friend



Crescent Hill

crescent hill oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Metamorphosis
2 Something Out Of Nothing
3 Super Cool
4 Ancient Message
5 Out to Pasture
6 Nectar Wine
7 Wigging Out
8 King of the Ring (My Precious)
9 Moon Goddess
10 Moonlight Flower



Cactakara Forest

cactakara forest oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Super Power
2 Legacy of Memories
3 Burning Torch
4 Scrap Bot
5 Fierce Meditation
6 Purple Lotus
7 Iron Man
8 Field Study
9 One Bite
10 Forest Fairy



Demarech Mines

demarech mines oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Stoneman
2 Wishing Well
3 Taming the Beast
4 Sentimental Value
5 One Man’s Treasure
6 Magical Rock
7 Angry Bird
8 Following Directions
9 Sunny Side Up
10 Good Enough to Drink



Candeo Marsh

candeo marsh oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Young Sarpa
2 Mushroom Cuisine
3 Ninja Turtles
4 Enchanted Water
5 Save the Unicorns!
6 Swamp Thing
7 Former Glory
8 First Dibs
9 A Dangerous Proposal
10 Bodyguard



Triatio Highlands

triatio highlands oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Finding Shangri-La
2 You’ll Poke Your Eyes Out
3 Great Dragon Hunter
4 Chalice Demon
5 Walk This Way
6 Ice-Cold Cactus-ade
7 Avian Spell
8 El Matador
9 Meal Fit For A Giant
10 Two Birds, One Stone



Ventos Prairie

ventos prairie oddities


# Achievement Title
1 The Great Hunt
2 Know Your Place
3 You Have My Blessing
4 Mousetrap
5 Mysterious Potion
6 Wrath of the Lioness
7 Mane Event
8 Blazing Saddles
9 Dances With Wolves
10 Master of Disguise



Oblitus Wood

oblitus wood oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Defense Fortification
2 The Irreplaceable
3 Strength In Numbers
4 Energizers
5 Thinking Cap
6 Natural Remedy
7 Lost!
8 The Getaway Car
9 Spot Investigation
10 Sky is the Limit



Star Sand Desert

star sand desert oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Crikey
2 Revealer of the Past
3 Desert Rose
4 Empty Nest Syndrome
5 Diamond in the Rough
6 Open Sesame!
7 Ancient Key
8 Prickly Pear
9 Treasure Trove
10 Leave of Absence



Rainmist Reach

rainmist reach oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Mushroom Matter
2 Dirk’s Grimoire
3 Army Sister
4 Hobo with Ambition
5 Alternative Energy
6 In A Haze
7 Package Care Specialist
8 Helpful Hare
9 More Clever Than A Fox
10 Taking Turns



Emerald Marsh

emerald marsh oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Philosopher’s Stone
2 You Robbed the Wrong Guy
3 Dog Tag
4 Blessing Wristband
5 I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost
6 I, Robot
7 Purify
8 Sacred Prayer
9 Lucky Handshake
10 Mysterious Merchant



Starstruck Plateau

starstruck plateau oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Sanctifying Smooch
2 You Should Have Told Me
3 Daisy Daze
4 Daemon Invictus
5 Flagging Morale
6 Boulder Dash
7 A Just Cause
8 Faux Sure
9 A Call to Arms
10 Carving Conundrum



Silent Ice Field

silent ice field oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Awaiting the Apple
2 Yearning to Fly
3 Pitch Perfect
4 Painting Pains
5 Treasure Hunt
6 Sonorous Soreness
7 Arcane Experimentation
8 Horn of Horrors
9 Potluck Preparedness
10 Avian Acquisition



Port Morton

port morton oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Morning Dew
2 We’re the Good Guys
3 I Wanna Go Home
4 Beach Cleanup
5 Vendor Tender
6 Not a Pipe Dream
7 Team Effort
8 A Good Father
9 S.O.S.
10 Ice Bucket Challenge



Candetonn Hill

candetonn hill oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Venom
2 Pilgrim
3 Sisterly Love
4 Master of Riddles
5 Grandfather’s Treasure
6 It Is You Who Is the True Wolf
7 Cooking with Fire
8 No Creature Is Unkillable
9 Tortoise vs. Hare
10 Puzzling Problem



Viridian Steppe

viridian steppe oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Primaid
2 Greedy Guts
3 Mine, All Mine
4 Potion Pal
5 Your Lucky Day
6 The Dangers of Spelunking
7 Horsin’ Around
8 Picture Perfect
9 Strange Stone
10 Summoning 101



Desolate Valley

desolate valley oddities


# Achievement Title
1 Practice Makes Perfect
2 Tree Sitting
3 The Eastern Cannon
4 Dearie Me
5 70 Years of Love
6 Leave It to Me
7 Supplies Demand
8 Monkey Business
9 Major Bandage
10 Just One Hit



Tanglevine Cascades

tanglevine cascades oddity location


# Achievement Title
1 Daddy Dearest
2 Obscured Adolescence
3 Hooray for Science!
4 Vertically Challenged
5 Dearly Departed
6 Duck, Dodge, Dip, Dive, Dodge
7 Shake It, Baby
8 Shroom World
9 Where Amazing Happens
10 Other People’s Stories



Sunhunter’s Vale

sunhunters vale oddity location


# Achievement Title
1 Pet Lovers
2 Budget Airfare
3 Crustacean Inspiration
4 Don’t Ask
5 Rice Where I Want You
6 Runaway
7 Bookworm
8 Eggs-treme Measures
9 But, Butt…
10 Lost Bling



Chronology Forest (NEW)

chronology forest oddity location


# Achievement Title
1 Looking for a Wingman
2 Stay Awake
3 Focus!
4 Magical Girl
5 Mentor
6 Jester Troupe
7 A Magical Vow
8 Out of the Sun
9 Magic and Mystery
10 Leaving at the Altar



Tempest Desert (NEW)

tempest desert oddity location


# Achievement Title
1 Clothesline
2 Something Fishy
3 Doing Good
4 Some Never Learn
5 Magnum Opus
6 The Cost of Battle
7 Pet Piper
8 Under the Weather
9 Little Jester
10 Happily Ever After


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the 2 new 90 zones when ?


PLease Check again Virdian steppe. diff with game



videos are such shite. I miss your old system of just giving coordinates and instructions. was so much faster!!!!


the Tanglevites Cascade and Sunhunter’s Vale comeout, plz explore it for us lazy explorer :3

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They are being worked on, should be out by the end of this month!


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Thanks Lepei 🙂

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can i get the link to the conversations medal ? u know the one where the locations are marked with maps ?


thx alot Le Pei for your hard work, I just hope you were at least payed for it lol

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Hi, just found your blog and I’m impressed on how much info you put inside. That being said though, I’m still kinda confused on how to navigate through your site. Is there any way for me to look at your past posts that’s not listed on the home page of your blog?

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Good work, It’s been really helpful to me.


where is the guide for silent ice field?


Your emerald marsh is been take of youtube