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DPS Bard Guide

Bard itself is not a DPS class, making it one would of course require a large amount of resources; with that being said, this guide is mostly dedicated to high level players who have a good amount of resources or have a main DPS class that can farm.

This is not a build that I would recommend to beginner Bard, or if you are looking for a support Bard guide that actually heals, then this is definitely not what you want to follow!

Hardcore Solo Guide
DPS Bard Guide


Here you can find Conversation and Oddity Achievement guides.
Two of the most basic and simple Achievements that players have to do in order to obtain higher Medal Score and unlock better-looking character panel.

Additionally, you have an overview of the Achievement and Adventurer Medal to help you keep track of which Achievements you are missing and how to complete them!

Adventurer Medal Conversation Oddity


Hailing from the heavenly realm of Aura Kingdom, Eidolons are powerful summoned spirits that bond to Envoys of Gaia who call for their aid.

Here you will find everything about Eidolons, ways of obtaining them and related information such as their Wishes and so on.

Combo Skill Catch 'em All Wish List


One of the most popular professions, you dig up treasures, and that's all! You may find maps that lead you to Hidden Treasure Chests, which contains rare mount and various class Masteries. Additionally, you get to exchange Archaeology Tokens for unique costumes!

Here you will find a basic guide to get your started with the Archaeology system, and also a schedule which has all the dig site locations, NPC and respective artifactes and colors.

Schedule Guide

Free Loyalty Points Everyday

Your daily Loyalty Points income made easy!
Here you will find all the daily achievements that reward you LP respective the objectives, so you can easily track and complete these quests.

The daily achievements that reward LP are Daily Wipe Out, Daily Top Kills, Daily Gathering and Daily Exploration.
Depending on your level, the higher level your character are, the more daily achievement quests you will receive.

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Custom wallpaper, concept art, original sound track and cute chat emoticon. Grab anything that you like!

Concept Art Loading Screen Wallpaper Chat Emoticon Sound Track